FIBA 2K14 v3.0 Released

A New Era of FIBA 2K Has Arrived

A new era of FIBA 2K14 has arrived, the FIBA 2K Team has welcomed me to the update team and have successfully finished our base for FIBA 2K14. All of the FIBA 2K14 updates and news will appear on this new website. The current version of FIBA 2K14 is composed of the 24 teams from the 2014 World Cup, and 6 expansion teams to complete the 30-team requirement for a full conversion mod. The 6 expansion teams are as follows: Canada from 2013 FIBA Americas, China from 2013 FIBA Asia, Germany from EuroBasket 2013, Italy from EuroBasket 2013, Japan from 2013 FIBA Asia, and Nigeria from AfroBasket 2013. There is no need to download the previous versions of FIBA 2K14 (v2.0 and below) as everything is completely new in FIBA 2K14 v3.0. We've also included our first 2015 update which features the 2015 FIBA Oceania Update (Australia & New Zealand), as well as the Philippines (Gilas Pilipinas 3.0) roster for 2015 FIBA Asia.


FIBA 2K14 is compatible with all mods from the Medevenx series such as the NBA roster updates, and PBA 2K14. All of the features of FIBA 2K14 v3.0 are all explained in full detail in the Features section of the website. Please also make sure to read the FAQ section, as well as the Instructions sections before proceeding to download FIBA 2K14.

Concept and Future Plans

The concept of FIBA 2K14's newest update (v3.0 onwards) is a realistic FIBA experience for NBA 2K14. That includes accurate names, jerseys, courts, etc. All of the teams are represented by their country's name in their national language, followed by their country's name in English (for example: Pilipinas Philippines, etc). We are also strictly following FIBA's official name lists and recorded measurements. The height of each player is accurate in cm according to official FIBA websites, and we use the names present in the official FIBA websites as well (for example: Jayson Castro being Jayson William, etc). The team divisions and conferences are arranged according to their geographical position, using their longitudinal position as reference. Therefore, Eastern teams come from the Eastern part of the globe, while Western teams come from the Western part of the globe. All 24 World Cup teams are arranged alphabetically, followed by an alphabetical list of the 6 expansion teams.

We are currently proceeding with our AfroBasket 2015 update, which will be followed by the 2015 FIBA Americas update, EuroBasket 2015 update, and finally the 2015 FIBA Asia update. These updates will include updated rosters, cyberfaces, jerseys, and courts for all teams. We have also removed all of the Euroleague and retro NBA teams as we prepare to include all of the FIBA teams in future updates. Once all of the teams have been updated, we will alphabetically arrange all of the nations and release different rosters that feature each Zone Championship Tournament more vividly. That means, there is a possibility of a 2015 FIBA EuroBasket roster which will have mostly EuroBasket teams for MyCareer & Association modes, etc.The goal of the FIBA 2K Team for FIBA 2K14 is to accurately create ALL nations that have participated in the 2015 FIBA Zone Championship Tournaments. After all that is said and done, the ultimate and final goal is to create the 2016 Basketball Olympics in Rio full experience for FIBA 2K14.