PBA 2K14 v9.0 Released

We're back! PBA 2K14 returns for the new PBA season with a lot of new stuff. Updated rosters, improved gameplay, new presentation and other new stuff, as well as some returning concepts that have been implemented in the update.

PBA 2K14 Returns! #LigaNgMgaBida

PBA rosters have been updated for the 2015-2016 season. All team rosters are updated with accurate jersey numbers, animatinos, ratings updates and transactions. Over 80 new cyberfaces are added to the mod with new jerseys for all PBA teams included. The Draft Projection for MyCareer has also been updated to include the 2015 PBA Draft results. Jerseys for Team Ginebra & Team Grand Slam as alternate jerseys for both the Star Hotshots & the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel have also been added. With a new season, new discoveries are also present. New audio IDs have been added to players with recognizable last names for PBA 2K14. The list of players whose last names are now recognized is in the changelog. We've edited the gameplay sliders for a MAJOR improvement regarding attacking the basket. Underhand layups or scoop shots are no longer present due to this slider edit, making attacking the basket a lot smoother. This gameplay slider edit will also be present in future updates for Med's NBA Roster and FIBA 2K14.

Fictional PBA Home Courts by Mythbuster!

A concept implemented in a previous version of PBA 2K14 which included the Fictional Home Courts project for PBA teams is now a mainstay in PBA 2K14 thanks to Mythbuster. Initially, we discontinued the Fictional Home Courts project for PBA 2K14 due to the quality issues of the courts. However, with the help of Mythbuster, the Fictional Home Courts now have a quality that is on par with the rest of the aspects of PBA 2K14 and will now be considered a mainstay for future PBA 2K14 updates. Mythbuster also had the courtesy of updating the Gatorade Hoops Center by adding benches to the court. The roster file "PBA Phil Cup Home" has the Fictional Home Courts assigned to the PBA teams while the "PBA Phil Cup" is the regular roster.

New Presentation Files

New Title Screens are available for your own personal taste that includes individual title screens of the chosen PBA 2K14 cover athletes for the new PBA season, as well as bundled title screens of three of the originally chosen cover athletes and of all of the cover athletes. The new PBA 2K14 logo has also been implemented into all of the Presentation Files. The new PBA molten basketball is included in the update, as well as the new referee attire for the new 2015-2016 PBA season.

Miscellaneous Updates

All changes regarding the new season has been implemented, including the new scoreboard, PBA 2016 logos, as well as the storylines for Association mode. The logos and bootup logos have been updated to include the new Mahindra Enforcer, TNT Tropang Texters, and UP Fighting Maroons logos. All of these logos have also been implemented in the 2015-2016 NBA Logos for Med's NBA Roster and the FIBA 2K14 Logos & Scoreboards for FIBA 2K14. Further details on the differences between the logos files will be posted soon.

New Icons have also been included in the PBA Optional Files. Instructions on how to edit the icon of your game shortcuts will be posted during the weekend. More options have been added for you to be able to personalize your PBA 2K experience. Now you are able to select your own personal choice of icon, title screen, basketball, and scoreboard.

Future Updates & Plans

We've temporarily removed the option to be drafted by NCAA/UAAP teams because the UAAP and NCAA rosters are still not updated as of now, as there is difficulty updating both collegiate leagues because of the lack of player info, imagery for jerseys, etc. Gilas 2.0 and Gilas 3.0 (both part of FIBA 2K14) will also be included in future PBA 2K14 updates. The PBA Rookie Showcase lineups will be updated soon with new jerseys and new player rosters, but is not the current priority. Plans for an updated jukebox to include the new PBA Theme song and a few more songs are also considered for future updates, but are currently on hold due to our jukebox modder's hiatus. Parts 1 to 4 of the Full Pack have all been updated, but the Full Pack (Parts 1 to 4 Combined) is still in the process of being uploaded. Perhaps it will be finished uploading tomorrow. For now, let us all enjoy the new PBA season, and the new PBA 2K14 roster update! Please do NOT forget to read the Changelog to learn more about the changes in this update.

Download v9.0 Now

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