PBA 2K14 v10.0 & Universal Portrait Project v3.4 Released

Exactly a month after the start of the 2016 Oppo PBA Commissioner's Cup, we finally release the long-awaited PBA 2K14 v10.0 update! This update features the updated roster with imports, new jerseys, stadium and cyberface updates, presentation files, scoreboard and logos files. The Universal Portrait Project has also been updated to include the new portrait for to-be-added NBA Player Coty Clarke, update multiple PBA players and add portraits for a couple of PBA imports.

Updated Roster & Cyberfaces

This major update features the changes that have the Phoenix Fuel Masters replacing the Barako Bull Energy, as well as the TNT Tropang Texters' silent renaming to Tropang TNT. Updated transactions that sent Jeric Fortuna to the GlobalPort Batang Pier from the San Miguel Beermen, as well as the addition of Ken Bono to the Meralco Bolts have been implemented. The imports have also been added to the roster for the 2016 Oppo Commissioner's Cup, and the 2016 Smart Bro PBA Philippine Cup roster also received minor error fixes. The 2015 PBA rosters received the same detailed fixes regarding the retro teams and special teams. The championship history of the teams have also been updated specific to each conference roster. The major update is also your basic roster update which features updated ratings, tendencies, jersey numbers, rotations of every team based on their last official box score, accessories, positions, and transactions. A total of 21 cyberfaces have been added to the update, which features new cyberfaces for players like Calvin Abueva, Terrence Romeo, etc. The schedule has also been updated to include the 2016 Oppo PBA Commissioner's Cup real schedule.

Updated Courts

The Fictional Home Court for the Phoenix Fuel Masters has been created for the PBA 2016 Comm Cup Home roster which marks the continuation of the Fictional Home Court series for PBA 2K14. Not only that, but the Smart Araneta Coliseum's stanchion also received an update. This stadium update is only available in the 2016 PBA Comm Cup rosters as we are going for an ultimate roster-like experience for PBA 2K14, marking the accuracy for conferences, years and eras for PBA 2K14 regarding not only rosters, cyberfaces and jerseys, but also courts. The stadiums for the other courts such as Cuneta Astrodome, etc. have also received updates regarding the advertisements in the stadium itself. The Fictional Home Court rosters have been placed in a different folder to be able to identify them more clearly during extraction, and have now been renamed to "FHC" (Fictional Home Court) instead of "Home".

Updated Presentation Files

The PBA 2K14's major update features another new set of headlines for the new conference. A new frontend_sync file has also been added which replaces the NBA logos during the team select screen with PBA logos. Terrence Romeo and Calvin Abueva's images in the Global, Title Screens (both the solo and the group title screen for Romeo, only the solo title screen for Abueva), and Icons have been updated from their last season look to their current season look.

Updated Scoreboard, Logos & Overlays

PBA 2K14 v10 features a new logos file that is compatible with other mods from the series (Med's NBA Roster, FIBA 2K14 & Kuroko V Slam Dunk), the logos and scoreboard logos have added the new logos for the Phoenix Fuel Masters, and Tropang TNT. The new 2016 Oppo PBA Commissioner's Cup scoreboard has also been added for 16:9 monitors, along with the TV5 Rio 2016 overlay for both 4:3 and 16:9 monitors. The bootup logos have also been updated where the Blackwater Elite's color was changed for readability, including the addition of the new Phoenix Fuel Masters logo and updated Tropang TNT logo.

Updated Jerseys

The Phoenix Fuel Masters and Tropang TNT have new jerseys and warmup jackets to match their new logos for PBA 2K14 v10. The Star Hotshots' dark jersey (yellow) also received a color update, along with the addition of the black alternate jersey the Alaska Aces wore in Game 6 of the 2016 Smart Bro PBA Philippine Cup Finals against the San Miguel Beermen.

Universal Portrait Project Update

The Universal Portrait Project has also been updated from v3.3 to v3.4. A portrait has been added for Coty Clarke of the Boston Celtics (NBA) and the portraits for Jay Washington of the GlobalPort Batang Pier (PBA), Kevin Alas & Rob Reyes of the NLEX Road Warriors (PBA), Harvey Carey, Rob Labagala, Ryan Reyes, Larry Fonacier, Kelly Williams, Elmer Espiritu, Danny Seigle & Aaron Aban of the Tropang TNT (PBA) have been updated. Portraits for M.J. Rhett of the Blackwater Elite and David Simon of the Tropang TNT (both PBA) have also been added.

Future Updates

The cyberface for Ricardo Ratliffe, the import for the Star Hotshots will be updated in the Follow Up Pack that will be released for PBA 2K14 v10.1, along with the updates for any remaining import changes in the conference. According to the latest news, the Rain Or Shine Elasto Painters will be replacing Antoine Wright soon, and we can no longer afford to not release the update for all of you to enjoy, so we will be including these cyberfaces in the follow up pack for v10.1 instead. Other local players will also be receiving cyberface updates for v10.1.

We are extremely sorry for the unfortunate delays over the past few weeks and we hope that this update makes up for it with the hard work we put into the update. The break that the Pinoy 2K Modders took (as announced in the previous post regarding the PBA 2K14 v9.1 update), took much longer than expected. Not only that, but the manpower for the modding team took a significant hit that not only did multiple delays occur, but we were unable to update the UAAP Season 78 roster, as well as the NCAA Season 91 jerseys.

Update Reminders & Notes

To be able to download these updates, please download the new PBA 2K14 Appdata Files, PBA 2K14 Main Directory Files 11, PBA 2K14 Logos & Scoreboards and PBA 2K14 Optional Files. Please remember to overwrite when applying the new update for it to take effect. This update includes the Follow Up Pack from PBA 2K14 v9.1. If you are still missing any cyberfaces, jerseys or courts after applying this update, we urge you to download the Full Packs (for first time downloaders) as they have all been re-uploaded to include the newest update (PBA 2K14 v10.0). Please remember that the PBA 2K14 Full Packs are ALWAYS up-to-date.

Please be reminded that downloading from websites or pages other than this website may contain files that might harm your computer. PBA 2K14 updates are released exclusively on this website. Any PBA 2K14 "updates" you may find that do not come from this site are not considered as trusted sources. When downloading individual mods for PBA 2K14, please make sure that you download from trusted sources only, such as members of the team behind the development of PBA 2K14 (Credits) or the related modders & modding teams (Related).

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