PBA 2K14 v10.2 Released

Did we say this weekend? The PBA 2K14 update arrives earlier than expected! Gary David signs with the San Miguel Beermen and Pierre Henderson-Niles suits up for Rain Or Shine as well as updated ratings, animations, rotations, etc. We've added a total of 23 new cyberfaces for this update, and check out news on future updates for PBA 2K14!

Updated Rosters & Cyberfaces

Pierre Henderson-Niles has replaced Mo Charlo of the Rain Or Shine Elasto Painters and the San Miguel Beermen have signed Gary David. A total of 23 cyberfaces have been updated for PBA 2K14. That includes cyberface updates for M.J. Rhett, Tylker Wilkerson, and a whole lot of other local cyberfaces by Burugudoyz 2K Modders.

Future Updates

Future updates for PBA 2K14 (v11) will feature throwback rosters for the 2013-2014 PBA Season, which is also a throwback for the team as it marked the first couple of versions for PBA 2K14. While only the PBA 2014 Philippine Cup & Commissioner's Cup were made available, it would be easy enough to "update" the roster and create a Governors' Cup roster. These rosters use a different roster structure from what we know today, as the PBA only had 10 teams at the time. We will also focus more of our time and efforts on updating the NCAA Season 91 jerseys.

Update Reminders & Notes

To enjoy the new additions to PBA 2K14 v10.2's cyberface updates, a 20 MB Follow Up Pack has been uploaded for you to download complementary to the PBA 2K14 v10.2 Appdata Files that have been uploaded in the Downloads Section. The files in this 20 MB follow up pack have already been included in the re-uploaded PBA 2K14 Main Directory Files 11, and PBA 2K14 Full Packs for those that have yet to download the PBA 2K14 v10.0 or v10.1 update, or have yet to download for the first time.

Download PBA 2K14 v10.2 Follow Up Pack

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