PBA 2K New Jukebox Songs

New songs have been added to the jukebox for PBA 2K! We replace some of the really bad songs that were in the original PBA 2K jukebox.

(New PBA 2K Jukebox Songs)

New Songs!

(Original PBA 2K Jukebox)

New songs have been added to the jukebox! This replaces six songs that were originally not meant to be part of the PBA 2K jukebox. The new songs are Bebot and Showdown by The Black Eyed Peas, Ima Boss (Instrumental) by Meek Mill, Hoy by Gloc-9, Beast Mode (Explicit) and Diyosa by Skusta Clee.

Of course, this doesn't mean that the PBA 2K soundtrack is now finalized. We want to keep the songs clean (no explicit songs) and at least Filipino basketball-themed. In the next version of the jukebox, we hope to replace the Meek Mill song, and both songs by Skusta Clee in favor of new, more appropriate songs. If you have any suggestions for the songs, you can always leave a comment on our Facebook pages (Medevenx & PBA 2K)

Future Updates

The next update for PBA 2K will feature a finished 2014 PBA Governors' Cup roster, along with the Free Agent Vaults and a new Import Vault which features the imports from the 2014 Governors' Cup roster, and more. The next update will also feature practice jerseys for all PBA teams, and the NCAA Season 91 updated jerseys.

To download this, please download both the PBA 2K Logos & Scoreboards, as well as the PBA 2K Optional Files in the Downloads section of the PBA 2K website. The soundtrack is part of the english file (located in the Logos & Scoreboards), album cover & jukebox files (located in the Optional Files), that is why you have to download both packs.

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