Med's NBA Roster v4.6: All-Star Update Released

A new NBA roster update has been released that includes the updated 2017 NBA All-Star lineups, new gear color combinations and updated transactions! We've also repackaged the Main Directory Files 21 to 25 from our past updates into one, to make room for the new set of files that will be uploaded from now on for our new roster updates.

(All transactions since February 6)

Updated Roster

So many trades and transactions have been happening recently and will continue to do so until the Trade Deadline. The Cleveland Cavaliers signed Derrick Williams and waived Chris Andersen. The Sacramento Kings and the New Orleans Pelicans made a huge blockbuster trade swapping Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway and Buddy Hield for Omri Casspi and DeMarcus Cousins. Terrence Ross of the Toronto Raptors and Serge Ibaka of the Orlando Magic have been traded for each other, as well as Mason Plumlee of the Portland Trail Blazers and Jusuf Nurkic of the Denver Nuggets.

New Color Combinations!

(New Gear Colors)

We feature new color combinations for the Cleveland Cavaliers' Yellow Alternate, Atlanta Hawks' Home Jersey, Oklahoma City Thunder's Sleeved Jersey and the Philadelphia 76ers' Home & Away (Blue) jerseys. We are continuing adding gear color combinations that are visually significant and relevant to the team.

All-Star Updates

(New All-Star Courts by retroman)

We've just updated the NBA All-Star roster lineups for Team World & Team USA, as well as the East & West NBA All-Stars. We've included the new jerseys for Team World & Team USA, and THREE All-Star courts by retroman. We've included the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge floor, the NBA All-Star Saturday Night floor for the JBL 3-Point Shootout & Verizon Slam Dunk Contest, and the 2017 NBA All-Star Game. The 2017 NBA All-Star Presentation has been updated to include the new logos for these events which can be downloaded below:

Download 2017 NBA All-Star Presentation

Future Global Update

(New body types)

We are considering a new global update with new 3D model body types. Each global has 4 body types: Slim, Athletic, Normal & Thick which are all assigned in the NBA roster.

  • Body Type 1 [Slim] = Small Shoulders, Small Biceps (Ingram)
  • Body Type 2 [Athletic] = Big Shoulders, Small Biceps (Durant)
  • Body Type 3 [Normal] = Small Shoulders, Big Biceps (Harden)
  • Body Type 4 [Thick] = Big Shoulders, Big BIceps (James)

With this system, we would have to remove the fat body type (used only by Jared Sullinger anyway) but we also need to re-assign most of the body types in the roster. That means an NBA roster update with a corresponding global release. This also means that the global will not be compatible with older versions of the NBA roster, and the roster will not be compatible with other globals that have different body types. My idea is the body types will be released as separate .rmce files for those global modders who want to implement these body types to their globals.

However, I didn't do any of the work here. I'm just choosing the best body types from the globals I've tried so quite frankly, I have no idea who made these body types and I obviously don't have permission to use these body types if we were to release a new global. So that's my only concern. I'm also considering an even slimmer body type 1.


Main Directory Files 21 to 25 has been repackaged into one pack because we are now moving on to the start of Main Directory Files 26 and up. To download the latest NBA roster update, along with the courts, cyberfaces & jerseys that are required for it, please download the Med's NBA Roster Appdata Files v4.6 and the Med's NBA Main Directory Files 26 in the Downloads section of the website.

Download Med's NBA Roster v4.6 Now

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