NBA 2K18 Title Screens for NBA 2K14 Released

We've released the NBA 2K18 Kyrie Irving Standard Edition & Shaquille O'Neal Legend Edition Title Screens separately, compatible for both 16 by 9 aspect ratio monitors as well as 4 by 3 aspect ratio monitors!

(4 by 3 Aspect Ratio Kyrie Irving Title Screen)

4 by 3 Aspect Ratio

(4 by 3 Aspect Ratio Title Screens)

New title screens were developed making use of the revealed NBA 2K18 covers for NBA 2K18 Legend Edition and NBA 2K18 Legend Edition Gold, featuring NBA 2K18 Cover Athlete Kyrie Irving and Legend Cover Athlete Shaquille O'Neal. Some of our users have 4 by 3 monitors so we developed title screens and bootups for them. These title screens and bootups are the same as the 16 by 9 title screens but adjusted to fit the 4 by 3 aspect ratio of the screen. The accompanying bootups are also modified to match the new title screens.

16 by 9 Aspect Ratio

(16 by 9 Aspect Ratio Title Screens)

While most of our users have 16 by 9 aspect ratio monitors, both aspect ratio title screens are included in the NBA 2K18 Title Screens download link below. The accompanying bootups are also modified to match the new title screens.

NBA 2K17 Title Screens

(16 by 9 Aspect Ratio NBA 2K17 Title Screens)

The old NBA 2K17 Title Screens featuring Standard Edition cover athlete Paul George and Legend Edition cover athlete Kobe Bryant have also been separated from the Presentation Packages and have been released separately for those who still want to use these title screens. Unfortunately, these were not made by me and do not have versions compatible with 4 by 3 aspect ratio monitors.

The NBA 2K17/18 Title Screens have been separated from the NBA 2K Presentation Packages for NBA 2K14. New title screens will be released when 2K Sports announces their cover athlete for the standard edition of NBA 2K18.

NBA 2K18 Icons for NBA 2K14

Don't forget to download the latest NBA 2K18 icons for NBA 2K14 that was also released today. You can download them here.

To be able to download these title screens, please refer to the download links below. The titlepage, and englishbootup IFF files are all new.