Shaquille O'Neal NBA 2K18 Legend Edition Icons!

Shaquille O'Neal is the new cover athlete for the legend edition of the next iteration of NBA 2K's franchise, NBA 2K18! With that said, we keep our tradition of having NBA video game cover athletes as icons for our game.

Legend Edition & Legend Edition Gold

The Legend Edition icon features Shaquille O'Neal in his Miami Heat uniform, while the Legend Edition Gold icon features Shaquille O'Neal in his classic Los Angeles Lakers uniform. Not only does the NBA 2K franchise seemingly have a new logo, the "2K" in the logo is seemingly more disconnected from the year as compared to other entries in the franchise. The space in between 2K and the year is now transparent as opposed to the traditional solid background. This is also the first time that 2K Sports has used an inverted color for their logo seen in the Golden Legend Edition where the words NBA as well as the number are black instead of white, with an inverted background color as well. Since the icons we release are in two variants, the NBA 2K14 version and the version of the icon matching the released game, NBA 2K18. We will release new icons when the NBA 2K18 regular edition's cover athlete is revealed. The icons are in the Downloads section of the website, under the NBA Video Game Cover Athlete Icons pack.

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