#ProjectFreeAgency Med's NBA Roster - July 25 Update

#ProjectFreeAgency is back! A former NBA Season MVP joins the Cleveland Cavaliers, and two other transactions are included in today's update.

(July 25 Updates)

July 25 Update

Derrick Rose joins the Cleveland Cavaliers, while the Orlando Magic acquire Marreese Speights and Darius Miller returns to the New Orleans Pelicans. To make room for Rose, we released Deron Williams from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Some accessories have also been updated.


If you have the latest version of Med's NBA Roster (v4.8) and would want to download the new update, please proceed to the Downloads section of the website and download the new Med's NBA Appdata Files v4.8 (July 25). If you still come from the v4.7 series, please also download Med's NBA Main Directory Files 27 in the Downloads section of the website. The #ProjectFreeAgency Follow Up Packs have already been included into the Main Directory Files 27 and the Full Pack (Main Directory Files 1 to 27).

    What To Download

  • Med's NBA Appdata Files v4.8 (July 25), Downloads Section
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