Med's NBA Roster v4.5b Released

A new follow up update has been released! 3 new transactions have been made, the All-Star reserves along with Team World & Team USA lineups have been announced and a fictional All-Star court has been added!

(2017 NBA All-Stars & Rising Stars)

Updated Roster

(All transactions since January 21)

Three players have been signed since our last update. Anthony Brown has been signed by the Orlando Magic, Johnny O'Bryant III with the Denver Nuggets and the San Antonio Spurs pick up Joel Anthony.

The All-Star rosters have been updated with the recently announced 2017 All-Star reserves as well as the 2017 Team World & Team USA for the Rising Stars challenge.

Fictional All-Star Court & Minor Fixes

(Fictional 2017 NBA All-Star Court)

We now provide a fictional 2017 NBA All-Star Court for the NBA All-Star game in New Orleans. We've also fixed name glitch for the jersey for the 2017 West All-Stars and changed Boris Diaw's body type from fat to normal. We've also corrected the Potential rating for all of the players as well as updated some of the ratings & signature skills of a few players.

If you have the latest version of Med's NBA Roster (v4.5) and would want to download the new update, please proceed to the Downloads section of the website and download the new Med's NBA Appdata Files v4.5b, as well as the Med's NBA v4.5b Follow Up Pack down below. The Follow Up Pack has also been included in the re-uploaded Main Directory Files 25 for those who have yet to download the v4.5 update.

Download Med's NBA Roster v4.5b Now

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#MedSpeaks Visiting Next-Gen NBA 2K Titles

So my PC can run NBA 2K15 and here's are my thoughts.

(Screenshot of NBA 2K15 running on my PC)

    PC Specs
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-4130 CPU @ 3.40 GHz (4 CPUs)
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 with Integrated RAMDAC
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Operating System: Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • Hard Drive Memory: 1 TB
  • Motherboard: ASUS H81M-A
  • DirectX Version: DirectX 11

Apparently, my PC can run NBA 2K15 on "medium" settings with player detail set to high, texture detail set to medium, special effects off and at my monitor's maximum native resolution. I get around an unstable 40 to 50 FPS (frames per second) which has microstuttering. Configuring the video settings, I can lock it in at 30 FPS to avoid the microstuttering completely since I can't reach 60 FPS without sacrificing the graphical fidelity of the game.

However, there is an EXTREME amount of input lag using either the keyboard or a gamepad. It takes around half a second or almost a second to process any actions which makes the game "literally unplayable". According to what I've read on the internet, the game has input lag when not running at 60 FPS, so basically you really need to have a powerful computer to run this at 60 FPS or else you'll be playing on the lowest settings imaginable just to be able to play the game without any input lag. I'm not sure if this is the case as well though for NBA 2K16 or NBA 2K17, I would still like to find out.

Playing with low settings on everything, but with anti-aliasing set to 4 with anti-aliasing quality of 4 allows me to play at around 55 to 60 FPS (frames per second) with V-Sync turned on and little to no input lag.

(NBA 2K15 locked in at 30 FPS with input lag)

(NBA 2K15 logged in at 60 FPS without input lag)
Video Settings with Input Lag at 30 FPS
Video Resolution: 1600x900
VSync: On
Texture Detail: Medium
Player Detail: High
Anti-Alias: 2
Anti-Alias Quality: 0
Special Effects: Off
Shader Detail: Low
Video Settings without Input Lag at 60 FPS
Video Resolution: 1600x900
VSync: On
Texture Detail: Low
Player Detail: Low
Anti-Alias: 4
Anti-Alias Quality: 4
Special Effects: Off
Shader Detail: Low

Nonetheless, while the graphical improvements are good and the ability to step back in NBA 2K16/17 without gathering the ball is nice. It's probably the only thing I envy from next-gen NBA 2K titles. The fact that most of the stuff in these titles cannot be fully modified is the dealbreaker for me. Seeing Russell Westbrook's tiny head, inaccurate hairstyles, etc. without being able to modify them properly is only depressing compared to what we have in NBA 2K14. Plus the fact that there is no fully pledged roster editing software for these games for a primarily roster modder like me is probably the nail in the coffin. We custom roster lovers know that there are so many incorrect animations assigned to the players in official NBA 2K rosters, as well as incorrect accessories or ratings (which have been prioritized updated since NBA 2K13 in their defense surprisingly) and having no roster editor to do this quicker is too unproductive for my liking.

I'm not saying NBA 2K14 is better than next-gen titles such as NBA 2K15/16/17. However, as modder who likes to take control of what happens in the game I'm playing which means fully modifying the entire league to create something entirely new (PBA, FIBA & Kuroko V Slam Dunk) and that isn't possible in these next-gen titles. Sure, you can always Create-A-Player, import jersey textures, but you can only do so much until you realize that what you want to achieve is currently not possible. The addition of these enormous file sizes is just a dealbreaker as well for my poor internet connection. The argument of NBA 2K14 vs Next-Gen NBA 2K is relative, but a fully modifiable NBA 2K14 is exactly what I want right now compared to a barely modifiable console port.

I'd probably enjoy a game or two of next-gen NBA 2K, but it's more about playing what I love right now and that's custom content. I play PBA 2K most of the time because it's a much more unique experience from playing the NBA roster that we're all used to. A lot of people still can't play these next-gen titles due to many constraints and there needs to be updates for that specific audience (which includes me, of course). I can only imagine those people who want to play next-gen titles but are relieved to still be able to play NBA 2K14 with a roster that constantly gets updates for free with no redirecting or advertisement walls.

Needless to say, I'll still be here continuing to play and mod NBA 2K14.

Med's NBA Roster v4.5 & Universal Portrait Project v4.1c Released

We release the first update of the new year for the NBA roster! New transactions & player updates, updated NBA All-Star teams & jerseys and a lot of error fixes!

(2017 NBA All-Star Real Starters & Fictional Bench for Med's NBA Roster v4.5)

Updated Roster

(All transactions since December 28)

A number of transactions have occurred since our last update on December 28. New players have been added to the roster such as Chasson Randle of the Philadelphia 76ers (cyberface by JAWSFreeLao) and Okaro White of the Miami Heat (cyberface provided by byronray). Kyle Korver has been traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers from the Atlanta Hawks. Donatas Motiejunas, Quincy Acy and Gary Neal all have been signed. Aaron Harrison, Hollis Thompson, John Jenkins, Ryan Kelly, Arinze Onuaku, John Lucas and Mo Williams all have been waived. Robert Sacre, Anthony Bennett and Nicolas Laprovittola all have taken their talents to overseas therefore being removed from the roster. A lot of players have received ratings updates and all of the rotations have been updated as well.


Chasson Randle Added (PHI)
Okaro White Added (MIA)

Robert Sacre Removed (Overseas)
Anthony Bennett Removed (Overseas)
Nicolas Laprovittola Removed (Overseas)

Donatas Motiejunas Signed (NOP)
Quincy Acy Signed (BKN)
Gary Neal Signed (ATL)
Aaron Harrison Waived (CHA)
Hollis Thompson Waived (PHI)
John Jenkins Waived (PHX)
Ryan Kelly Waived (ATL)
Arinze Onuaku Waived (ORL)
John Lucas Waived (MIN)
Mo Williams Waived (DEN)

Kyle Korver Traded (CLE from ATL)

Universal Portrait Project v4.1c Released

(Chasson Randle of the Philadelphia 76ers & Okaro White of the Miami Heat)

The Universal Portrait Project has been updated to include the new portraits for the players that have been added to the latest roster update such as Chasson Randle & Okaro White.

Download Universal Portrait Project v4.1c Now

Updated NBA All-Star Teams & Jerseys

(2017 NBA All-Star Jerseys by Aldrin2K)

The 2017 NBA All-Stars have been announced and we have implemented them in the update. Along with that, a long discussion was held on our Facebook page on who should be in our bench and this fictional bench was developed. We also include Aldrin2K's new All-Star jerseys in this update. The court for the 2017 NBA All-Star game is still not updated because there the official court has still not been unveiled by the NBA yet.

Error Fixes

The Golden State Warriors' 2015 Christmas jerseys return after being replaced accidentally by the Crossover jersey by our previous updates. Some errors have been fixed for the awards, as well as height and dominant hand changes. Typographical errors have been updated and the shoes by AEmnace are re-implemented in the roster. The Memphis Grizzlies & Los Angeles Clippers' Classic 1 jerseys have also had their collars corrected, which unfortunately is not compatible with any tight jersey mods that have been made recently.

To download the new update, please proceed to the Downloads section of the website and download the new Med's NBA Appdata Files and Med's NBA Main Directory Files 25.

Download Med's NBA Roster v4.5 Now

If you don't know how to download Med's NBA Roster for NBA 2K14 on PC and this is your first time to download, please proceed to our step-by-step tutorial:
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#MedSpeaks Revamping PBA 2K

Today, we discuss the current status and future of the PBA 2K updates that will be arriving in 2017!

(Bobby Ray Parks Jr. playing for Alab Pilipinas of the ASEAN Basketball League)

The Negligence of UAAP & NCAA Updates

For the past two seasons, we've intentionally avoided updating the UAAP & NCAA college teams simply because they were too difficult to update. The designs for their jerseys have become more and more outlandish over the years, with sponsors that were difficult to recognize and find logos for. While player cyberfaces were also one of the most difficult to create for both of these leagues, the Playoff bracket of having UAAP & NCAA teams participate in the overall league's Playoffs mode against PBA teams were found to be completely inappropriate. Also, reports of players being signed by or traded to UAAP & NCAA teams were a huge sight for sore eyes as it makes it look like PBA players in their adult age suddenly come back to their college years for that fountain of youth. Stats were also not updated for the NCAA teams, making it hard to update the players' ratings, tendencies, etc. With all of that, we've completely avoided updating the UAAP & NCAA teams for two whole seasons, while thinking of a way to replace them with more compatible leagues during those years.

The Entrance of the ABL

(The Home & Away jerseys for Alab Pilipinas of the ASEAN Basketball League)

One league we've always considered adding to the PBA 2K family is the ASEAN Basketball League. This season, they are comprised of 6 teams such as the Hong Kong Eastern Long Lions, Kaohsiung Truth, Saigon Heat, Singapore Slingers, Westports Malaysia Dragons and the Alab Pilipinas. This year in 2017, we hope to make it a reality.

The Re-Emergence of the PBA D-League

(Screenshots of the PBA D-League in the 2013-2014 PBA 2K season)

The PBA D-League has already made an appearance in PBA 2K in the past, being added as additional teams in our inaugural PBA 2K season (2013-2014). However, this year in the 2017 PBA D-League Aspirant's Cup, the PBA D-League is comprised of 10 teams. Namely the Tanduay Light Rhum Masters, Cafe France Bakers - Centro Escolar University, Racal Tile Masters, AMA Online Education Titans, Victoria Sports - MLQU Stallions, Blustar Malaysia, Wang's Basketball Couriers, Cignal - San Beda College, JRU Heavy Bombers, and Team Batangas. This makes the combination of the PBA (12), ABL (6), PBA D-League (10) a total of 28 teams with only 2 slots remaining to complete the 30 team requirement for NBA 2K14.

The Cameo of the Boomers & Tall Blacks

(Screenshots of the Australian Boomers & New Zealand Tall Blacks in an early version of FIBA 2K)

Remember, NBA 2K14 requires 30 teams to be in functional in PBA 2K, this was the difficult decision of having to find exactly two teams that would fit well with the feel of the revamped PBA 2K we are going for. Fortunately, with the appearance of both Oceanic teams in future FIBA tournaments as well as the Tall Blacks participation in the Jones Cup, we've decided to add the existing versions of the Boomers & Tall Blacks from FIBA 2K to PBA 2K.


To create balance in the new PBA 2K, we will no longer support the Fictional Home Courts project for the 2016-2017 PBA season. Instead, we will create two versions, a "Real PBA" version and a "Fictional" version. The Real PBA version will make use of the real PBA schedule, while also having the other teams compete in their own leagues in their respective schedules. In this version, the PBA D-League, ABL and Oceanic teams will have significantly lower coach ratings in order for them to have less chances of making the playoffs (a technique we used for the UAAP & NCAA teams for PBA 2K over the years). The Fictional version will have all of the teams competing against each other in the schedule, similar to the NBA or current state of FIBA 2K & Kuroko V Slam Dunk. In this version, all of the teams are balanced in a way that the coach ratings are of the same tier, allowing all teams and players to have All-Stars or make the playoffs. All leagues will also be separated in half for balance to create a proper Playoff experience.

What do you think about the future of PBA 2K that we have re-designed? It's going to be a long time before we are going to be able to do this as the amount of work needed to be done is enormous. While it will definitely take months to do this, we might be able to see something come to PBA 2K much sooner, such as the appearance of the ABL & Oceanic teams in future versions of PBA 2K first before we proceed with the PBA D-League updates. We are considering a minor update before the end of the 2016-2017 Philippine Cup that adds Alab Pilipinas and both Oceanic teams, before completing the ABL teams right before the start of the 2017 Commissioner's Cup.

#MedSpeaks The MyCareer Discussion

The status of MyCareer in NBA 2K14 has been a love/hate relationship for many of us and here we discuss the past, current, and future state of MyCareer.

MyCareer in the Past

It starts with the default NBA 2K14 roster which was released from September 2013 to June 2014. A stable version of NBA 2K14 official rosters have always worked in MyCareer. In fact, even Med's NBA Rosters for the 2013-2014 NBA season had absolutely no crashing.

MyCareer in the Present

(Reports of MyCareer crashing in the 6th game for NBA 2K15 on PS3)

We are currently in the 2016-2017 NBA season, THREE seasons later after the original 2013-2014 NBA season and there have been reports of NBA 2K14 crashing in the 6th game of the NBA season. While we've tested the current version of Med's NBA Roster and established that it does work in MyCareer. We need to acknowledge that even OFFICIAL unmodified NBA 2K rosters for NBA 2K15, 2K16, etc. on PS3 have experienced crashing in the exact same situation. Reports of NBA 2K15 crashing have been posted on Reddit, 2K Support Forums, NLSC, etc. Some experience crashing with the current version of Med's NBA Roster, while some actually don't experience crashing. A lot of people comment on both sides (those that experience crashing and those that do not) so it is quite different for each situation.

MyCareer in the Future

NBA 2K15, 2K16, and 2K17 on PS3/XBox 360 have been experiencing crashing in MyCareer mode, specifically the same situation we have which is after the 6th game of the season. While the NBA 2K15, 2K16 and 2K17 on PS3/XBox 360 versions are obviously just based on the NBA 2K14 engine without being heavily updated by 2K Sports themselves, it may be a sign that NBA 2K14's engine was not meant to support MyCareer mode in future seasons, seeing as how even official console versions of the game experience the exact same crash that the modified PC versions do. It is worth noting that the future of NBA 2K14's MyCareer holds the same fate as it does now. The more we go, the more mods we add and implement, and the more we jeopardize the status of a stable, working MyCareer mode. If MyCareer is the sole reason for you to play NBA 2K14, your best bet is to play the last official NBA 2K14 roster that was released in June 2014 in order to be able to play multiple seasons with no crashes.

MyCareer's Issues, Possible Fixes

MyCareer's most common issue is being played with a heavily modified NBA 2K14 which has mods that were released untested. A lot of mods have been released over the years that legitimately cause crashing because they were released without being tested for all game modes by the developer. While we here test our rosters for MyCareer before we release to make sure that they are working, a heavily modified NBA 2K14 has a high chance of crashing if the mods installed were not tested properly. Here are some common tips on how to able to have a stable, working MyCareer. Please note that these tips are only recommended solutions and does not guarantee that it will fix MyCareer mode for you.

Avoid using a modified scoreboard. A modified scoreboard has a high chance of crashing MyCareer mode after the games have been finished.
Avoid using "HD" content. "HD" cyberfaces, jerseys, stadiums, dornas, globals, etc. that have been released untested can cause crashing after the 1st or 3rd quarter of MyCareer, Association, Season, Playoffs modes. Please read this blog post for more information.
Avoid using heavily modified graphics mods. Heavily modified globals, title screens, and other graphics mods also have a chance of crashing MyCareer mode.
Avoid using heavily modified tunedata. Heavily modified tunedata and other gameplay mods also have a chance of crashing MyCareer mode, usually before the start of the game.
Do not save your MyCareer right away. When it asks you to create a save file for MyCareer mode, don't (Press "1" on your keyboard or "Circle" for PlayStation/"B" for XBox controllers). Save your MyCarer file later.
Download the Official Online Data. The Official Online Data is the last official NBA 2K14 update by 2K Sports and contains multiple files that can help fix your MyCareer mode. It is to be extracted to your NBA 2K14 Main Directory and can be downloaded here.
Delete all MyCareer save files and create a completely new MyCareer save file. In most cases, if you want to start a new MyCareer mode, it has to be a new save file. It is recommended that you do not replace an existing save file and save a completely new MyCareer save file.
Delete all other MyCareer save files, then duplicate and rename your existing MyCareer save file. Sometimes, you can proceed with your existing MyCareer save file if you copy and paste your existing save file then rename it to something else, preferably a short MyCareer file name such as MYCAREER1.
Perform a fresh install of NBA 2K14. If your NBA 2K14 is too heavily modified that you can no longer trace the cause of error for MyCareer mode and it is that important to you, it is recommended that you do a fresh install of NBA 2K14.
Consider upgrading your computer. There is a rare situation where the game crashes because your computer is not compatible with it. Forcefully running the game on 32-bit computers are an example of this. Using processors or graphics cards that are not optimized for NBA 2K14 may also be the cause.
Download the fixed dorna800. MyCareer's Rookie Showcase will crash if your dorna800 is not compatible with it.
Delete the following shoe files


Oddly, MyCareer mode does not have any errors in FIBA 2K, PBA 2K, and Kuroko V Slam Dunk and Association mode does not have any errors in NBA 2K14. It should be acknowledged that even the unmodified console versions of NBA 2K's games have also had trouble in MyCareer mode in the past and until today. 2K Support has confirmed that a corrupted MyCareer file can no longer be restored and you have to start over. Sometimes, MyCareer works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes we know why it crashes while sometimes it's a complete mystery. My only recommendation is try to lower your expectations when playing MyCareer mode.