Med's NBA Roster v3.1 Released

This Is Why We Mod

R.I.P. Flip Saunders

We've FINALLY confirmed to have fixed the Association & MyCareer crashing for the NBA rosters, the crashing was due to an HD jersey (Los Clippers' New Red Jersey). Due to the circumstances, we temporarily assigned the New Blue Jersey as the Primary Away Jersey for the Los Angeles Clippers. We've also finally updated the NBA rosters with accurate rotations and lineups from the NBA's First & Second Opening Nights, as well as updating the rosters with accurate contracts, having improvements to the shoe colors and adding new jerseys by Honeybadger.

Crashing Fixed, Updated Rosters & Contracts, Return of WI & WOI Rosters

Crashing has been finally fixed for the rosters. Apparently, it was NOT a roster issue, but a jersey issue. The last two weeks of testing and editing was really tiring and to find out that it wasn't the reason for the crash was very, unnerving to be honest. Nonetheless, at least now we have identified the issue and that any crashing that occurs after the first and third quarters can be confirmed to be due to a cyberface or jersey. Due to the re-testing and re-editing in the past two weeks, we were forced to change bases for this new NBA roster so the accurate retro rosters are temporarily unavailable. So retro teams still have the Create-A-Players and are still missing legends. Along with this temporary change is the unavailability of the NBA Global Games courts which is also due to the changing of the base for the roster. If demand is high, we will reinclude the Global Games courts in the next update. Rosters are now officially complete with accurate jerseys numbers, rotations, accessories, tendencies, animations and contracts. WI & WOI rosters also make a return in the new rosters, as well as the inclusion of a 100% accurate 2015-2016 NBA Calendar to indicate that we have officially entered the new NBA season for Med's NBA Roster.

New Jerseys by Honeybadger, New Players & Coach Sam Mitchell

Four new jerseys have been added, the Phoenix Suns & San Antonio Spurs Alternate Jerseys, and the Washington Wizards & Denver Nuggets Sleeved Jerseys all by Honeybadger. We also include new and improved Denver Nuggets 2015-2016 Home & Away Jerseys. For the Minnesota Timberwolves, we are all grieving over Flip Saunders who had recently passed away. With all due respect, we have updated the new head coach for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Sam Mitchell. Four new players were added to the rosters to complete the official lineups. That means you're going to need to re-download Main Directory Files 16 to enjoy these new additions.

Shoe Colors Improved, New Commentary & Gameplay

Complaints about the all black and all white shoes have pushed me to explore further options on how to improve the shoe colors without changing the shoe model or the team colors. As you all know, Team Color 1 is for armwear and Team Color 2 is for legwear, as the priority in Med's NBA Roster is accessories, not footwear. That means Team Color 2 always be white/black due to the NBA's rule that no players should wear colored legwear. In this new update, I changed the assignment of shoe colors in the model to make it more dynamic, allowing details to now be seen whether or not the players are using away or home jerseys. Coaching Profiles have been edited to make CPU teams take more threes as this is the direction the NBA is now headed. Star big men such as Anthony Davis & DeMarcus Cousins now shoot three-pointers and not only are the player tendencies updated, but as well as the coach profiles. Karl-Anthony Towns and Jordan Clarkson are now recognized by their first name instead of their last name. Thus, they are called Karl and Jordan, respectively.

Miscellaneous Updates

The Universal Portrait Project has also been updated from v2.7 to v2.8 today. An article will be posted on said update tomorrow. The 2015-2016 NBA Logos have also been updated to include the new Talk 'N Text & Mahindra Enforcer logos for PBA 2K14 v9.0. Further details on the differences between the logos files will be posted soon. Please do NOT forget to read the Changelog to learn more about the changes in this update.

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Universal Portrait Project v2.8 Released

We've updated the Universal Portrait Project for Med's NBA Roster users who wish to have updated portraits for the 2015-2016 NBA Rookies. We've also included some new portraits for the next FIBA 2K14 update (v4.0) which will be coming soon, as well as new portraits for Kuroko V Slam Dunk which is also in development!

Revamped Portraits for 2015-2016 NBA Rookies

We've revamped the 2015-2016 NBA Rookie portraits from the portraits we previously shared with HAWK23's Ultimate Base Roster, to completely new & official NBA Media Day images. Now all 2015-2016 NBA Rookies and added players share the same quality of portraits with the existing NBA players in the roster.

New Look for 2015-2016 NBA Season & Miscellaneous Updates

New NBA Season, New NBA Roster, New Looks for Players. As we learn more about the new looks for players in their portrait taking during the NBA Media Day back in late September, we also update the in-game portraits for players that have a significantly different look from the portraits they use from last season. The new Iranian players added to the Iranian National Basketball Team Roster for 2015 FIBA Asia also have portraits added into this version in preparation for FIBA 2K14 v4.0. The addition of the portraits for Fukuda Sōgō Academy from the Kuroko No Basuke side of the upcoming Kuroko V Slam Dunk is also included in this update.

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Med's NBA Roster v3.0b Released

We've fixed the Association & MyCareer crashing for the NBA rosters, added the Detroit Pistons chrome jersey, signed Nate Robinson with the New Orleans Pelicans and added Lamar Odom to the Free Agents in this very special version of Med's NBA Rosters.

Crashing for NBA Rosters Fixed

We've finally fixed the crashing issue with the NBA rosters which allows you to play Association & MyCareer modes with the Assoc roster smoothly. There's still no WI and WOI rosters because it's preseason and injuries aren't really relevant up to this point. We've also included Honeybadger's new Detroit Pistons Chrome Alternate Jersey in v3.0b and a fix for J.P. Tokoto's cyberface where his skin tone is now corrected. That means you're going to need to re-download Main Directory Files 16 to enjoy these new additions.

For transactions, the New Orleans Pelicans have just signed guard Nate Robinson. We've also changed Kobe Bryant's jump shot animation to make it look more like his current jump shot in real life, as well as changing his position from SF/SG to SG/SF. A few jersey numbers have been updated thanks to members of the community that reported such errors. Similar to v3.0, unguaranteed pre-season NBA players will not be added to the roster unless they receive a guaranteed contract and make it to the 15-man team rosters by the NBA Opening Night. It has been a difficult time for NBA fans, and the entire community with everything currently going on with former NBA player and champion, Lamar Odom. We hope all of you join us in prayer as we wish for the best regarding Lamar's current health conditions. With all due respect, we've included him in the Free Agents as a tribute to the success he has given the NBA and achieved as a person and player.

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Universal Portrait Project v2.7 Released

We've updated the Universal Portrait Project for FIBA 2K14 users who wish to have portraits for Gilas Pilipinas. We've also included some new portraits for the next FIBA 2K14 update (v4.0) which will be coming soon!

Gilas Pilipinas Portraits for FIBA 2K14

All of Gilas Pilipinas' players will now have portraits in this update for the Universal Portrait Project in FIBA 2K14. These portraits for these PBA players will also take effect in PBA 2K14's next major update (v9.0). PBA 2K14 v9.0 is coming soon and will be released before FIBA 2K14 v4.0. Previews for the next update of PBA 2K14 will also be shown this weekend.

FIBA 2K14's next update (v4.0) will feature many updates including new update 2015 rosters for most teams (AfroBasket, EuroBasket & Asian teams) so this update is uploaded in preparation for the next major update for FIBA 2K14. It will include updated rosters, jerseys, courts, a new scoreboard and new scoreboard logos for all teams. We will also update the NBA rookie portraits once better quality portraits have been released by sports websites that hold the images we need.

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Med's NBA Roster v3.0 Released - A New Season, A New Era

For the new 2015-2016 versions of Med's NBA rosters, we've moved all of the content to this website and will be called v3.0 from now on.

A New Era of Med's NBA Rosters

The new website will hold all of the files and other NBA mods from me now on. We're slowly moving all of the other files here. Please be patient. However, previous changelogs will remain at NLSC with only the new versions (v3.0 onwards) will have their changelogs located in this website.

With the preseason already started for the NBA, most teams have up to 20 players for their roster. However, NBA 2K14 can only hold up to 19 players for each team, so I have decided not to add all of the unguaranteed players for now until we all see which players can make the 15-team rosters come by the opening night of the season. We've also added the jerseys from HoneyBadger for this new update as well. We've included all of the new transactions and jersey number changes for all existing NBA players in the roster.

We've also included the new 2015-2016 NBA schedule which is 100% accurate. Only two versions of the roster are available for v3.0, Assoc and Blacktop. We will be disregarding injuries for these rosters since we are only in the Preseason. For more information, check out the changelog here!

Also new is the 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend in Toronto presentation which have also been uploaded in the Downloads section, as well as the inclusion of the NBA All-Star Game Fix for the old glitch that did not allow you to proceed to the NBA All-Star Game. We've also included the 2015-2016 NBA Logos file in the downloads section which is completely compatible with FIBA 2K14 and PBA 2K14, we'll shed some more light on how these logos are compatible with each other, and what their differences are next week in the About section. What are you waiting for? Download all of the new files now! You only need to download the new Appdata Files & Main Directory Files 16 for this update. We'll post the update for the Universal Portrait Project (v2.7) this week.

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NBA All-Star Game Fix

2015 NBA All-Star Game Patch

After testing with members of the community. We finally figured out what was going wrong with the 2015 NBA All-Star game and why it didn't continue for most people during the MyCareer & Association All-Star game events. Luckily, this file update is only 132 KB in size. This fix has also been reuploaded to Main Directory Files 11 to 15 (repacked into one pack), as well as the new Main Directory Files 16 for v2.9 of the NBA Roster update which we will be releasing next weekend!

We're still working hard on moving all of the NBA roster stuff into the new website. Hopefully, we'll have it all ready by next weekend. We're also still working on getting a Home page dedicated to the website so the blog posts are organized more properly and you can see each update for NBA, FIBA, PBA, and Kuroko V Slam Dunk more clearly. We'll post some previews of the new update next week! For now, make sure you download the All-Star Game Fix!

PBA 2K14 New Website Launched

For the new 2015-2016 versions of PBA 2K14, we introduce to you the new cover athletes for PBA 2K14, the MVP of the 2014-2015 PBA Season, June Mar Fajardo of the San Miguel Beermen, Calvin Abueva of the Alaska Aces, and Jayson Castro of the Talk 'N Text Tropang Texters!

A New Era of PBA 2K

Welcome to a new era of PBA 2K. With a new era, comes a new website for PBA 2K14. We have successfully moved all of our articles, assets, and information from the old PBA 2K14 website (located here). We have also successfully reuploaded all of our files to match the new FIBA 2K14 updates to ensure the compatibility of both mods. PBA Logos & Scoreboards now have the FIBA logos also integrated in them. The PBA Optional Files now have the new UP Maroons logo updated in the Bootup file, as well as new generic crowds for all teams.

We've linked all of the blog posts that come with each update in the PBA 2K14 Changelog section of the website. Feel like having a throwback? Check out the old PBA 2K14 articles we've successfully moved to the new website!

The next PBA 2K14 update (v9.0) will focus on updating the PBA and as much as we can with the NCAA and UAAP for the 2015-2016 versions of PBA 2K14. We will definitely try to release an update after a couple of months, well into All-Filipino Cup (1st Conference of the PBA Season). We will be including LOTS of new files for PBA 2K14 v9.0 such as new title screens, more accurate updates, PBA rookies, all of these and more. Please be patient with the next update!