Kuroko V Slam Dunk v1.1 Released - Crashing Fixed!

Finally, we fix the crashing in the second season of MyCareer & Association, as well as fix the first name glitch for those with long last names. We also add a retro team as well as three fictional All-Star teams. New headlines have been added and the PlayStation buttons have been implemented to the Kuroko V Slam Dunk Optional Files.

New Teams

Other than the addition of Takeishi Junior High, Mitsui's team from three years ago when he was the MVP of Junior High, we also add three fictional All-Star teams. The Kuroko No Basuke All-Stars, composed of the Generation of Miracles, the Uncrowned Kings or Crownless Generals, and the main protagonists of the show, Kagami and Kuroko. The Slam Dunk All-Stars on the other hand, is composed of the best players from the Interhigh, as seen in the manga. Namely, Maki, Moroboshi, Sawakita, Tsuchiya and Morishige make up the starting lineup with Fukatsu, Jin, Sendoh (despite not being a participant in the Interhigh), Kawata, Akagi, and the two main protagonists of Slam Dunk, Sakuragi and Rukawa.

Of course, the original Kanagawa All-Stars make an appearance. Composed of the Kanagawa Prefectural Tournament's Best Five Maki, Jin, Sendoh, Rukawa, and Akagi, they are backed up by Fujima, Mitsui, Fukuda, Hanagata, Uozomi, Miyagi and Sakuragi. That makes all of the Shohoku players available in the Kanagawa All-Stars. The combination team of Shoyo and Ryonan at the end of the anime series (not shown in the manga) are also in the new update, with the jerseys using a familiar design from previous Slam Dunk mods you have seen in the past. However, you can also choose the Shoyo-only and Ryonan-only jerseys if you prefer them. There may be plans to add more jerseys like the original SD All-Stars jersey, possibly in future versions.

Second Season Crashing & First Name Glitch Fixed!

After confirming that the second season crashing was due to the teams having only 8 players per team, we added four bench players to each team except for Seirin and Shohoku, making it a total of 12 players per team except for Seirin which only has 11 players. This fixes the crashing in the second season since there is a requirement to have 12 players per team in the game. Another glitch in the mod, the first name glitch, where the end of the last name is used instead of the actual first name you input, which only happens if you have a long last name, has been fixed in the rosters after renewing the roster base.

New Headlines & PlayStation Buttons Implemented

New headlines for Kuroko V Slam Dunk are added and the english file is now updated with PlayStation buttons implemented. The PlayStation buttons have been implemented in every mod recently and makes its debut in Kuroko V Slam Dunk. That means a gamedata file has also been added, however, is the same as the gamedata file used in Med's NBA Rosters since there hasn't been any work on a Kuroko V Slam Dunk gamedata file with anime referees.

The Future

We were originally supposed to add Shohoku (Two Years Ago) with rookie Akagi, Kogure, and Mitsui on the team but we ran into some cyberface problems for Akagi. We also wanted to do an Uncrowned Kings/Crownless Generals team featuring Himuro as a bench player but was ultimately scrapped because the Uncrowned Kings were already part of the Kuroko No Basuke All-Stars. There definitely are plans to create new jerseys for the All-Star teams rather than simply the Winter Cup & Interhigh All-Star jerseys we are already familiar with.

As for the Optional Files, anime referees for the gamedata, new bootups, title screens and even a Kuroko V Slam Dunk-themed global is what we're looking at so we can finally say that Kuroko V Slam Dunk is complete. However, we currently have difficulty creating these art mods as it takes a lot of time and creativity to get done. If you are interested in helping out, let us know!

Seushiro's Mod Implemented!

(Sakuragi's Rick Barry Free Throw)

If you haven't heard of Seushiro's Animation Mod, it adds a ton of new jump shot animations to the game, as well as vastly improves the gameplay! Now, Kuroko V Slam Dunk makes use of the animations added by Seushiro, namely, the famous Rick Barry free throw Sakuragi uses. All rosters from the Medevenx series (Med's NBA Roster, FIBA 2K14, PBA 2K14 & Kuroko V Slam Dunk) will implement Seushiro's Animation Mod, making Kuroko V Slam Dunk v1.1 the second mod to implement it, after the recent release of FIBA 2K14 v5.0.

Seushiro's Animation Mod Development Thread Download Seushiro's Animation Mod v3.0

In Other News

With Seushiro's Animation Mod updated to the final version of v3.0, we re-uploaded FIBA 2K14's Appdata Files v5.0 to fix the retro Team USA arena & coach errors as well as assign some of the newer animations from Seushiro's Animation Mod v3.0.

We'll also be releasing PBA 2K14 v11.0 this weekend with the 2014 PBA Philippine Cup and Commissioner's Cup, a final 2016 PBA Commissioner's Cup and an early version of the 2016 PBA Governors' Cup. We will be implementing all of Seushiro's animations like in all of our mods, making PBA 2K14 v11.0 the third to receive the implementation. The rosters will also receive the "Import Vault" update which holds all of the PBA imports ready for selection for all conferences.

To download the new update for Kuroko V Slam Dunk, be sure to download the newest Kuroko V Slam Dunk Appdata Files and the Optional Files. For complete cyberfaces and jerseys, make sure to download the Follow Up Pack in the link below. For those who haven't downloaded v1.0, Kuroko V Slam Dunk Main Directory Files 3 in the Downloads section has been re-uploaded with the Follow Up Pack incorporated. For those who are downloading for the first time, the Full Packs have also been re-uploaded with the Follow Up Pack incorporated. Enjoy!

Download Kuroko V Slam Dunk v1.1 Follow Up Pack