Seushiro's Animation Mod v3.0 Released

Seushiro, a major contributor to Kuroko V Slam Dunk, released what would probably be the Mod of the Year for NBA 2K14. His animation mod adds a whole new level of depth to the game and is a breath of fresh air for NBA 2K14. Another version of the animation has just been released today!

(Seushiro's Animation 2nd Video Preview)

New Jump Shot Animations!

(Seushiro's Animation 1st Video Preview)

Seushiro's animations will be used for all of our mods (Med's NBA Roster, FIBA 2K14, PBA 2K14 & Kuroko V Slam Dunk) from this point onwards. It adds new jump shot animations, replacing the duplicate animations in the Player Signature Shots section (shot animations with Player Names). Luckily, all of our latest rosters from all mods don't have the duplicate animations assigned to the players, so if you're using the latest rosters, the animations won't affect the existing jump shots of your players. However, this does add new animations and players in our rosters will start using them as soon as updates are released, so this will be REQUIRED for all of our mods from this point onwards.

New Shooting Forms/Releases & Shot Bases

(Version 3 Updates)

(Version 2) For a list of changed animations, luckily Seushiro has provided us with this changelog that details all of the new animations for the mod. Here we see the list of duplicates replaced, and those slots that will still be replaced for future versions of the mod. Some animations from previous NBA 2K games are added, as well as completely new animations and animations from gamez' previous mod. These slots have new animations so be sure to try them out yourself!

More Than Just New Animations

Seushiro's mod also includes a tunedata file as well as an NBA animations file that completely modifies the gameplay like we've never seen before. Overall, I can personally confirm that the gameplay is MUCH better with the mod. Here is a complete list by Seushiro of gameplay improvements:

  • Adjusted speeds of cross-over, spins, and behind the back dribbles
  • Pick and Roll Improvement where the Center stays longer blocking the defenders on the switch but leaves the pick faster if a fade is selected
  • Fixed the speed of dribbling away from opponents
  • Speed of launches have been increased to blow by defenders
  • Speed of standing Dribbles increased to confuse opponents
  • Open up the sliders more to give way to Post and Wing plays
  • Adjusted Stamina and Fatigue rate. (Players do not recover fast even in bench so needed to up the sliders a bit)
  • Removed weak blocks from the game which just makes you go up in the air but with hands not raised
  • Replaced blocks in the paint where you are beside an opponent and time the block button right yet he can make the lay up, but you have to gather a long hopstep before you jump up to the air for a block
  • Post Engage speeds advantage
  • Post spin move gives defenders a slight delay so you can be free more after successful win
  • Post spin neutral gives ball handler slight speed advantage in case wants to force shot
  • Increased speed of in-out dribbles as suggested
  • Increased handle speed for smoother transitions
  • Updated tunedata.iff default courtesy of adiknbafan
  • Added win animations for dribbling double team scenarios

Future Begins Now

FIBA 2K14 has been the first mod to implement the animation mod by Seushiro but all of the other mods will do so as well. Kuroko V Slam Dunk and PBA 2K14 will receive updates this month of May that will have Seushiro's animation mod implemented as well. The NBA Roster Update, however, is planned to receive a final 2015-2016 roster update right before the NBA Finals and will be the last to receive full implementation of the animation mod. Since from this point onward it is required, as well as it being its own separate mod (in fact, by a different modder), think of it as the Universal Portrait Project. All of the mods require the Universal Portrait Project for the full experience, has its own updates as well. That means Seushiro's Animation Mod should probably get its own section in the website as well, of course, with his permission first.

If you downloaded FIBA 2K14 v5.0 yesterday, we used Seushiro's Animation Mod version 2 for that and even linked to it. Now, Seushiro's Animation Mod download links in the website have all been updated to v3.0 so it's recommended that you download the new version of the mod. Also be sure to follow his development thread on NLSC for more information:

Seushiro's Animation Mod Development Thread Download Seushiro's Animation Mod v3.0