PBA 2K14 v11.0, Seushiro's Animation Mod v3.1 & Universal Portrait Project v3.7 Released

This may be one of our BEST updates yet! The original 2014 PBA rosters have been added back, a new early version of the 2016 PBA Governors' Cup roster has also been added, and all 60 imports that have been part of PBA 2K14 all make an appearance in the Import Vault, making them all available for all rosters (except the 2014 rosters). This update also marks the implementation of Seushiro's Animation Mod which has seen a new version released today, so all of the new animations have been assigned to the PBA players in this roster. The Universal Portrait Project has also been updated for those that have downloaded the newest version of FIBA 2K14. Check it all out and have fun!

Return of Original 2014 PBA Philippine Cup & Commissioner's Cup Rosters

If you remember these old rosters then you were with us from the very start of PBA 2K14! Back in the days where the cyberfaces and jerseys weren't as good today, even the roster was completely inaccurate with incorrect positions, ratings, tendencies, animations, etc. Now, we revamped the old rosters with the editing style used for our current rosters and we can safely say that the quality of the original 2014 rosters is now on par with the current rosters. For those of you didn't already know, back in early 2014, Medevenx took a 9-month long hiatus that abruptly ended the progress for the final version of the 2014 PBA Comm Cup Roster, and was completely absent for the 2014 PBA Govs Cup roster.

Is that why there's no 2014 Governors' Cup roster? Yes, the 2014 Commissioner's Cup roster only needed some minor edits while the Governors' Cup roster was never started on. Right now, it has made some progress, with only cyberfaces for the imports missing. This makes the roster incomplete and sparked our decision to not release the 2014 Govs Cup roster at the moment. We will, however, continue to make new import cyberfaces for this roster to complete the void left by the absence of Medevenx during the time.

The roster features the accurate 2013-2014 PBA season schedule, similar to the current rosters. 33 Games means all of the conferences will be played, 22 Games means only the first two conferences will be played, and 11 Games means only the Philippine Cup will be played. During this time, the PBA consisted of only 10 teams, and with the UAAP consisting of 8 teams & NCAA consisting of 10 teams, we had to add 2 more teams to complete the 30-team requirement NBA 2K14 has to run MyCareer & Association. These teams were added during the time were the Lousville Cardinals and North Carolina Tar Heels. These teams don't have their own logos in the mod right now since we still need to know the feedback on the 2014 rosters, and will be added in PBA 2K14 v12.0.

Implementation of Seushiro's Animation Mod v3.1

(Seushiro's Animation 1st Video Preview)

If you haven't heard of Seushiro's Animation Mod, it adds a ton of new jump shot animations to the game, as well as vastly improves the gameplay! Now, PBA 2K14 makes use of the animations added by Seushiro, namely, multiple new jump shots for James Yap, K.G. Canaleta, Arwind Santos, Jeff Chan, Beau Belga, etc. All rosters from the Medevenx series (Med's NBA Roster, FIBA 2K14, PBA 2K14 & Kuroko V Slam Dunk) will implement Seushiro's Animation Mod, making PBA 2K14 v11.0 the third mod to implement it, after the recent release of FIBA 2K14 v5.0 and Kuroko V Slam Dunk v1.1.

Seushiro made some improvements to the mod since its initial v3.0 release. First, he fixed an error where he uploaded the incorrect nba animations file. Second is the fixes on more jump shot animations to completely remove some glitches. A new Stephen Curry jump shot is also available in v3.1. Seushiro urges us to either re-download v3.0 or download the newest beta of the new version, v3.1. For more information, you can always check out Seushiro's Animation Mod Devlog in NLSC.

Seushiro's Animation Mod Development Thread Download Seushiro's Animation Mod v3.1

Early Version of 2016 PBA Governors' Cup

An early version of the 2016 PBA Governors' Cup has been released, featuring the new transactions in the past couple of weeks. We replace Pido Jarencio with Eric Gonzales as the new head coach of GlobalPort. We also implemented the newest trades:

  • GlobalPort acquires: Yousef Taha, Ronald Pascual, Karl Dehesa
  • Blackwater acquires: Roi Sumang
  • Mahindra acquires: Keith Agovida, Paolo Taha
  • Phoenix acquires: Jonathan Uyloan, Mark Cruz, Norbert Torres, Mark Borboran, Simon Enciso
  • Star Hotshots acquires: Keith Jensen, Rodney Brondial, R.R. Garcia
  • NLEX acquires: Mac Baracael, Emman Monfort

Of course, we extend our congratulations to the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters for winning the 2016 Oppo PBA Commissioner's Cup championship, and with that final game we were able to update the accessories, ratings, tendencies and rotations of all the PBA teams that played since the last update.

New Cyberfaces & Jerseys

A total of 30 new cyberfaces and over 200 jerseys have had their green textures edited to fit the quality of our current jerseys for PBA 2K14. We've also added new jerseys for the Star Hotshots' retro collection, their B-Meg Derby Ace Llamados jerseys from the 2009-2010 PBA season. We also worked on the B-Meg Llamados jerseys in this update and will hope to revamp more retro jerseys in future updates.

Import Vault! All 60 PBA Imports Available!

One of the most exciting things in this update is the addition of the Import Vaults. The import vaults are five teams with 12-man rosters composed of all 60 imports that have appeared in PBA 2K14. They appear as retro rosters that you can play with in-game, but is meant for a vault for you to sign any imports you wish, to PBA 2K14 without having them actually available in Free Agency. Remember, we completely avoid free agency in PBA 2K14 since we don't want the UAAP & NCAA teams to be signing any PBA players from the free agents list. The Import Vault is implemented in every roster except for the 2014 PBA rosters since those old rosters have a different format. However, we will edit the 2014 rosters in the next update to also include the import vault, Gilas teams, All-Star teams, etc.

The reason for the creation of the Import Vault is to make use of the cyberfaces that our team members have worked long and hard on to make which, in the past, have been completely forgotten each time an import is replaced. Now, with the import vault, the cyberfaces remain usable without disrupting any of the rules we have set for PBA 2K14 regarding free agency, multiple imports on a team, etc. and is considered a very efficient way of allowing users to change imports themselves.

Future Updates & PlayStation Buttons Implemented

If you didn't already know, we released PlayStation buttons for all of the mods from the series a week ago. Those same PlayStation buttons have already been implemented into the PBA 2K14 Logos & Scoreboards (english.iff file) and PBA 2K14 Optional Files (gamedata.iff file) if you haven't downloaded them already.

As for PBA 2K14 v12.0, since the PBA will return in July for the 2016 PBA Governors' Cup, expect a full release for the PBA 2014 Govs Cup roster, a full release of the PBA 2016 Govs Cup roster with the new imports, an accurate 2016 PBA Governors' Cup schedule and any other changes the league may experience. We've also confirmed that PBA 2K14 v12.0 will definitely have updated NCAA Season 91 jerseys. We know some of you have been requesting updated UAAP & NCAA rosters for this season, but unfortunately, it looks like we won't be able to do that due to the difficulty of updating these rosters. Missing information and lack of reference imagery is the bane of updating the college teams and if we ever do look to update the college teams again, we'll probably update it for next season and skip this season entirely.

Universal Portrait Project v3.7

Sorry for the inconvenience for FIBA 2K14 users, I personally completely forgot to upload the newest Universal Portrait Project that includes all of the new portraits for the added players for FIBA 2K14 v5.0. With that brought to my attention, I uploaded the file right away and now it can be downloaded in the website. This fixes any errors or incomplete portraits for your FIBA 2K14.

Download Universal Portrait Project v3.7

We definitely feel that this is one of the best updates we've had for a long time. We grant the request of many users to have imports available for selection in PBA 2K14. Since NBA 2K14 has a limit of only 15 players per team, you can't sign the imports to your team if the team you are using is already over the limit. What we recommend is that you trade for the imports instead, possibly with a local that you have no intention of keeping on your team. Future updates with the addition of the 2014 & 2016 Governors' Cups imports will produce another Import Vault team. Due to this new implementation that I have long wanted to do before, and was able to successfully implement, there will be a possibility of creating a Free Agents team where PBA players that don't currently have a team will be available in that team.

To download the new update for PBA 2K14 v11.0, be sure to download the newest PBA 2K14 Appdata Files and PBA 2K14 Main Directory Files 12. For the 2014 team logos, PlayStation buttons, please re-download both the PBA 2K14 Logos & Scoreboards and the PBA 2K14 Optional Files. Since the Import Vault has been implemented into every roster, all imports from previous version of PBA 2K14 are available. If you're missing cyberfaces for some imports, that most likely means that you either missed some old updates, or you only downloaded the updates and not the full packs. We STRONGLY urge you to download Cyberfaces Parts 1 & 2 of the Full Pack in case you are experiencing missing cyberfaces. For those who are experiencing missing jerseys for the 2014 rosters, then please proceed to download Jerseys (Part 3) of the Full Pack. Thank you and enjoy!