Med's NBA Roster v3.9c Released - NBA Roster Update Secret Revealed!

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors are back in the NBA Finals! With that official today, we release our second to the last update for the 2015-2016 NBA season, which is also our 60th update for NBA 2K14! We also reveal the top secret we have been keeping in the past few days for the NBA roster update, so check it out!

RIP Bryce Dejean-Jones

Before we proceed to the details of the current update, we would like to spend a moment to pray for the soul of Bryce Dejean-Jones of the New Orleans Pelicans. He was shot and killed on May 28, 2015. May he rest in peace. Our deepest prayers go to his friends and family.

Blue Ankle Wraps for the Golden State Warriors

Other than your regular NBA roster update with updated ratings, tendencies, rotations & accessories, the Golden State Warriors now wear a blue ankle wrap instead of their regular socks. Curry on the other hand, wears his white/black ankle brace. This has been one of the more demanded updates in recent memory and we made sure to implement that in this version.

Implementation of Seushiro's Animation Mod v3.1a

(Seushiro's Animation 1st Video Preview)

If you haven't heard of Seushiro's Animation Mod, it adds a ton of new jump shot animations to the game, as well as vastly improves the gameplay! Now, Med's NBA Roster makes use of the animations added by Seushiro, namely, multiple new jump shots for James Harden, Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant, Monta Ellis, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, etc. All rosters from the Medevenx series (Med's NBA Roster, FIBA 2K14, PBA 2K14 & Kuroko V Slam Dunk) have finally, successfully implemented Seushiro's Animation Mod, making Med's NBA Roster the last to implement it, after the recent release of PBA 2K14 v11.0, FIBA 2K14 v5.0 and Kuroko V Slam Dunk v1.1.

Seushiro made some additions to v3.1a as well as some fixes. You can now pump fake with the D. Lee, H. Barnes, A. Bogut, R. Westbrook and D. Williams bases. New bases have also been added in place of D. Howard, R. Westbrook, and D. Williams For more information, you can always check out Seushiro's Animation Mod Devlog in NLSC and Seushiro's own section in the website.

Seushiro's Animation Mod Development Thread Download Seushiro's Animation Mod v3.1a

Future Updates: Retiree & Overseas Vault!

To prepare for the new additions we will be adding to the next update for Med's NBA Roster, we removed all of the retro NBA teams for good measure. As said before, the roster is not about the retro experience for the NBA. There are multiple retro mods for NBA to download, and we've all played with the retro teams 2K Sports made for NBA 2K14.

Why did we remove these teams? It's because we're going to replace them with the secret we wanted to keep for a little while. In a similar fashion to PBA 2K14's Import Vault, we will be adding two new features to the next update for Med's NBA Roster called the Retiree Vault, showcasing retired players such as Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Tracy McGrady, etc., as well as the Overseas Vault, which showcases players overseas like Stephon Marbury, Andray Blatche, etc. This works exactly as its counterpart in PBA 2K14. It is a separate team with players assigned to them. They aren't available in Association Mode's Free Agency, so if you want to use them you're going to have to sign them before you start your Association Mode.

New Collaborations & Other Updates

We've been collaborating with a LOT of people lately. Collaborations with JPeb will bring us some new shoes for the roster. Hopefully, he'll be able to create a lot of shoes so that by October, when we have the bigger NBA roster updates, almost everyone will have new shoes. Collaborations with Seushiro, major contributor to Kuroko V Slam Dunk and author of the Animation mod we all use, will also bring us new updates to the global. That's right, the global is going to get an update in June! We'll also create NBA 2K16 & NBA 2K17 versions of the logos in the global file.

Even more collaborations with other modders lead us to collaborating with xzardox, who will bring the NBA 2K16 Soundtrack to NBA 2K14. The mod will be compatible with the english file we use in our site, and will be bundled with the PlayStation buttons and updated headlines. For PBA 2K14, we also have bryonray working on the first ever PBA 2K14 fictional draft class that have Filipinos taking part in the draft class, available for the draft for all teams including the PBA, UAAP & NCAA teams.

Like May, June is going to be a big month for updates. Not only are we focusing on brand new features for most mods, but the progress is steady and collaborating with more modders will always take up more time, but with bigger and better updates. Kuroko V Slam Dunk and FIBA 2K14 are expected to have updates this month, and maybe even PBA 2K14 if we get to finish our update quickly. A video will be posted this month showcasing all of the new stuff for the 2016-2017 line of updates, revealing the other secrets we have been keeping, so be sure to stay tuned! For those that were wondering about a tutorial, we've already made scripts for YouTube videos on how to download and install the mods, we just have to record the audio and capture the footage. These tutorial videos will have two versions, an English and Tagalog version, and will be accompanied by a full blog post containing images of the step by step procedure on how to download and install the mods.

Moving to DropBox!

We've experienced some errors with MEGA, regarding the download links reaching the bandwidth limit per month. Now, luckily, the month has just ended and we won't be experiencing the error for a brief period of time for June. However, all of the files are being re-uploaded to Dropbox which is the current candidate for the best file hosting service. I really like MEGA as I feel it is really convenient for the uploader (AMAZING interface), but the 10 GB bandwidth limit cannot be solved by creating another account as it detects the IP address of the account. MEGA requires registration when it reaches over the limit, and that's a really minor issue, but we want it to be absolutely convenient for everyone to download. This would be avoided if I had help hosting the files, but nonetheless, everything is currently being re-uploaded, starting with the NBA roster updates.

Dropbox is great because we can also create a direct link that allows you to download directly off of the website, not having to lead you to any other website, and can be downloaded by your Internet Download Manager! I will post a review and comparison of file hosting websites this month as well.

To download the new roster update, you're going to need to download the new Med's NBA Appdata Files. There is no need to download any Main Directory Files for now.

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