Med's NBA Roster v4.7b Released

One day has passed since v4.7 has been released and we've already released a Follow Up update! We fix some minor errors with the v4.7 roster such as some ratings, contract problems and a few cyberface fixes. We also add the Houston Rockets' missing player, Isaiah Taylor, and re-implement the Retiree Vaults!

(Retiree Vaults 1 to 5)

Return of Retiree Vaults

The Mamba returns with a new cast of retirees for 5 Retiree Vaults that have been added to the latest roster! We've put all the retirees that are already in the roster in 5 retiree vault teams that take 5 CAT (Create-A-Team) slots. That means you can only create 5 teams now in the roster. We can't add new players because we want to make room for the upcoming rookies for the 2017-2018 NBA season since we will continue using this roster as a base for the next season's roster. We are, however, considering adding more players like Ben Wallace, Shaquille O'Neal, Allen Iverson, Yao Ming, etc. should the demand be very high for these players.

Houston Rockets' Isaiah Taylor

Missing player, Isaiah Taylor of the Houston Rockets, from the previous update has been added to the latest NBA roster. His portrait along with the other new players from v4.7's update will be added when Universal Portrait Project v4.4 is released.

Cyberface Fixes

Some cyberfaces from previous Main Directory Files have been fixed in this update. All of the Main Directory Files from 1 to 26 have been re-uploaded to includes these fixes. However, these fixes are included in the v4.7b Follow Up Pack below which also includes the v4.7 Follow Up Pack released yesterday. A Main Directory Files Full Pack has been uploaded in the website. It is always updated and includes all of the Main Directory Files from 1 to 26, ready to be downloaded in one click.


To learn more about the previous v4.7 update, you can read about it here.

If you have the latest version of Med's NBA Roster (v4.6d or v4.7) and would want to download the new update, please proceed to the Downloads section of the website and download the new Med's NBA Appdata Files v4.7b, as well as the Med's NBA v4.7b Follow Up Pack down below. The Follow Up Pack has also been included in the re-uploaded Main Directory Files 26 for those who have yet to download the v4.6 update.

Download Med's NBA Roster v4.7b Now

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