PBA 2K v16.0 Released

The newest PBA 2K major update 2 months in the making has been released! New cyberface updates, court updates, jerseys, a new roster structure, the 2017 SEABA lineup for Gilas Pilipinas, and the 2017 PBA All-Star week arrives in PBA 2K v16.0!

(New cyberfaces by Burugudoyz 2K Modders, Hener2K & ICE2K)

Updated Roster

(New imports for 2017 PBA Commissioner's Cup so far)

The newest PBA 2K update has new cyberface updates, roster updates, transactions, ratings, tendencies, accessories and a new roster structure for the 2017 PBA rosters to fix end of season and all-star crashing from the previous roster update. The physical attributes of PBA players such as stamina, speed, quickness, strength and vertical have all been redone for PBA 2K. The newest roster also has the PBA free agents in the actual free agency pool instead of the Free Agent Vaults so that they will be signed by the PBA D-League teams in Association/MyCareer mode. The Import Vaults have also been removed in the 2016-2017 PBA season rosters to ensure that the rosters won't crash. The 2017 SEABA lineup for Gilas Pilipinas has also been added to the 2016-2017 PBA season rosters. The rookie showcase for PBA 2K's MyCareer mode has also been updated for the 2016-2017 PBA season rosters with lineups based on the 2016 PBA Draft. All of the rosters from the 2012 PBA Phil Cup roster to the 2017 PBA Comm Cup roster have been updated and edited with the latest attributes and animations changes.

    Signed Players
  • Ronald Pascual Signed (Blackwater)
  • Josh Urbiztondo Signed (GlobalPort)
  • Jonathan Grey Signed (GlobalPort)
  • Eric Camson Signed (Mahindra)
  • Jackson Corpuz Signed (Mahindra)
  • Bong Galanza Signed (Mahindra)
  • Rene Pacquiao Signed (Mahindra)
  • Jackson Corpuz Signed (Mahindra)
  • Juami Tiongson Signed (NLEX)
  • Billy Ray Robles Signed (Rain or Shine)
  • Gryann Mendoza Signed (Star)

  • Waived Players
  • Abel Galliguez Waived (Alaska)
  • Denok Miranda Waived (Blackwater)
  • Jeckster Apinan Waived (Mahindra)
  • Josan Nimes Waived (Mahindra)
  • Alfonzo Gotladera Waived (NLEX)
  • Alex Nuyles Waived (TNT)
  • Danny Seigle Waived (TNT)

  • Import Replacements
  • Sean Williams Replaced by Justin Harper (GlobalPort)
  • James White Replaced by Keith Wright (Mahindra)
  • Tony Mitchell Replaced by Ricardo Ratliffe (Star)
  • Donte Greene Replaced by Joshua Smith (TNT)

2017 PBA All-Star Week

(2017 PBA All-Star Teams)

The 2017 PBA All-Star teams have been added to the 2016-2017 PBA season rosters! These new teams are the Luzon All-Stars, Gilas Pilipinas (Luzon), Visayas All-Stars, Gilas Pilipinas (Visayas), Mindanao All-Stars and Gilas Pilipinas (Mindanao). The new Hoops Dome court for the Visayas Leg of the 2017 PBA All-Star week has also been added to PBA 2K v16.0. The 2017 PBA All-Star Week Presentation has also been updated in the PBA 2K Optional Files.

New Jerseys

(Barangay Ginebra Throwback Jersey)

The Barangay Ginebra San Miguel's retro-themed throwback jersey used against the Meralco Bolts in this 2017 Oppo PBA Commissioner's Cup has been added to the 2017 PBA Comm Cup roster. The new jerseys of the 2016 PBA Draft Combine, the 2017 PBA All-Star jerseys and the 2017 SEABA Gilas Pilipinas jerseys have been added to PBA 2K v16.0.

New Courts

(Hoops Dome)

Thanks to JR15's contribution of the centercourt logo for the Hoops Dome, we were able to add the court to PBA 2K v16.0, the court used for the Visayas leg of 2017 PBA All-Star Week. An updated Smart Araneta Coliseum floor and Cuneta Astrodome stadium thanks to Mark Vincent Plaza was added to PBA 2K v16.0 as well, while also including the 2017 SEABA versions of the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

New Logos & Jukebox

(New Jukebox for PBA 2K)

Thanks to Calang Loy, the new "We Are PBA" theme by Quest, as well as "Olats" by Rivermaya have been added to the PBA 2K Jukebox in the PBA 2K Optional Files. The new PBA All-Star teams' new logos have also been added to the PBA 2K Logos & Scoreboards. Along with the new jukebox text, the english.iff of the PBA 2K Logos & Scoreboards have also been updated.


The PBA 2K Downloads section has been re-done to include previous versions of the PBA 2K Main Directory Files for those that have missed some of our updates in the past. The Full Pack is still always up-to-date and is required for those that are downloading for the first time. Only PBA 2K v9 and above are available for re-downloading because all of our PBA 2K files from v8 below are now gone.


If you already have the latest PBA 2K update (v15.1), you must download the PBA 2K Appdata Files v16.0, PBA 2K Main Directory Files v16 , PBA 2K Logos & Scoreboards and PBA 2K Optional Files all in the Downloads section of the website to enjoy the new additions to PBA 2K v16.0's new updates.

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