PBA 2K v21.0 Released

The newest PBA 2K major update has arrived! A new file and download system has been implemented along with a new scoreboard, new jerseys and transactions.

(2017 PBA Governors' Cup Update)

Updated Jerseys, Roster & Schedule

The newest PBA 2K update has new cyberface updates, roster updates, transactions, ratings, tendencies, accessories, and imports. The Arnold Van Opstal-Von Pessumal trade between the San Miguel Beermen and the GlobalPort Batang Pier has also been implemented. The accurate 2017 PBA Governors' Cup schedule has also been implemented in the latest Regular Schedule rosters for all of the 2016-2017 PBA season rosters. Newer cyberfaces for the imports and the new hairstyles of most players will be updated in an upcoming follow up update. The upcoming follow up update will also feature the latest Gilas Pilipinas lineup for the 2017 FIBA Asia Cup. A follow up update will most likely feature the addition of the long-awaited 2012 PBA Commissioner's Cup roster that we have worked on for a long time now. All of the new jerseys for the 2017 PBA Governors' Cup have been implemented.

New Download System

We wanted to make our updates more accessible to those that do not have the internet connection speed to download large files. With that in mind, we segregated all of our Main Directory Files into 100 MB partitions (Main Directory Files 1 to 21). Main Directory Files v16 is now called Main Directory Files 20 and the newest update is now called v21 because of the new Main Directory Files 21. We will continue adding follow up packs for each update until the current pack reaches 100 MB, then we proceed to a new pack.

New Update System

Something I have long wanted to implement in our updates is a label system. Now, we will be separating the updates into three categories: Major Updates, Regular Updates, and Minor Updates.

  • Major Updates - Major updates are large updates that introduce a new Main Directory Files pack. These include a new Appdata Files and Main Directory Files to be downloaded, and are indicated by a change in the whole number of the version name such as v21.0/v22.0/v23.0, etc.
  • Regular Updates - Regular updates are medium-sized updates that include a new Appdata Files and Follow Up Pack that is exclusive to that version. This means that there are files needed to be added that aren't large enough to warrant the introduction of a new Main Directory Files pack, but is instead only added to it when it is re-uploaded. Unlike before, Follow Up Packs are no exclusive to the update so now you have to check each blog post for each Follow Up Pack in case you missed any. These are indicated by a change in the decimal number of the version name such as v21.1/v21.2/v21.3, etc.
  • Minor Updates - Minor updates are small updates that only include updated Appdata Files and no other files that go into the Main Directory. These are usually done when there are small fixes/edits or just some transaction changes that don't require new cyberfaces/jerseys/courts. These updates are indicated by the appearance or change in the letter of the version name such as v21.0b/v21.0c/v21.0d, etc.

Because of the new systems, we will also be re-updating the tutorials and other pages of the website. We will also be working on some improvements for the website so stay tuned for that.

New Logo & Scoreboard

(New 2017 Oppo PBA Governors' Cup Scoreboard)

A new scoreboard similar to our existing scoreboards has been added for the 2017 Oppo PBA Governors' Cup. The files for the 4 by 3 aspect ratio and 16 by 9 aspect ratio that are required for the scoreboards have also been separated in a different folder to make the file size of PBA 2K Logos & Scoreboards smaller. PBA 2K Logos & Scoreboards must be downloaded for the Kia Picanto's logos to take effect. Since our files are compatible with all of our mods, Kia Picanto's logo has already been implemented in all of our logos (PBA 2K Logos & Scoreboards, FIBA 2K Logos & Scoreboards, Med's 2017-2018 NBA Logos & Kuroko V Slam Dunk Logos).


PBA 2K v21.0 is a MAJOR UPDATE, which means you must download the PBA 2K Appdata Files v21.0, PBA 2K Main Directory Files 21 and PBA 2K Logos & Scoreboards all in the Downloads section of the website to enjoy the new additions to PBA 2K v21.0's new updates.

Download PBA 2K v21.0 Now

Please be reminded that downloading from websites or pages other than this website may contain files that might harm your computer. PBA 2K updates are released exclusively on this website. Any PBA 2K "updates" you may find that do not come from this site are not considered as trusted sources. When downloading individual mods for PBA 2K, please make sure that you download from trusted sources only, such as members of the team behind the development of PBA 2K (Credits) or the related modders & modding teams (Related).

If you don't know how to download PBA for NBA 2K14 on PC and this is your first time to download, please proceed to our Step-By-Step Tutorial:
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