PBA 2K v14.1 Released

A follow up update has been released for PBA 2K! This includes updated transactions, jersey numbers, accessories, animations, rotations and ratings!

Roster Updates

The new PBA 2K update includes all of the new 2016-2017 PBA transactions since the December 10 update, which includes updated jersey numbers for Jake Pascual of the Alaska Aces, the addition of Joshua Webb, Michael DiGregorio and Nico Elorde to the Mahindra Floodbuster and waiving of Gary David. Manny Pacquiao has also been temporarily waived from the Mahindra Floodbuster as the team is exceeding the NBA 2K14 limit of 19 players per team. All of the rotations have been updated according to their last game with some ratings and accessories also being updated. Mac Belo and Mike Tolomia's names have been corrected for all of the past rosters as well (2013 to 2016 rosters). Justin Melton's bald cyberface has also been assigned to the 2016 PBA Govs Cup roster. The courts have also been re-assigned with the PhilSports Arena being assigned to both the Alaska Aces and TNT KaTropa because they are the teams that have played the most in that arena this conference.

Future Updates

The promise of 2011-2012 PBA 2K rosters will be fulfilled as the release of the 2011-2012 PBA Philippine Cup roster nears. More Presentation Files will also be worked on for the new year, which includes new headlines and other graphics. More updated cyberfaces will also arrive in the next version of PBA 2K.


If you already have PBA 2K v14.0, you must download the PBA 2K Appdata Files v14.1 to enjoy the new additions to PBA 2K v14.1's new updates. There are no new Main Directory Files for this minor update.

Download PBA 2K v14.1 Now

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