PBA 2K v15.0 Released

Updated transactions, an early version of the PBA 2017 Commissioner's Cup, the release of the beta for the PBA 2K Revamp project and new cyberfaces arrived in the latest PBA 2K major update!

(New cyberfaces by Burugudoyz 2K Modders & Hener2K)

Updated Roster

(Announced imports for 2017 PBA Commissioner's Cup so far)

The final version of the PBA 2017 Philippine Cup roster has been updated and an early version of the PBA 2017 Commissioner's Cup roster has also been added. This is due to the fact that we may not see an update right away in the next couple of months so any new jerseys or imports will have a delay in production. With that in mind, we have added the previous imports from previous conferences for those teams that do not have imports signed as of yet for the next conference. Multiple new cyberface updates by Burugudoyz 2K Modders & Hener 2K make it to the new update as well.

PBA + PBA D-League + ABL + Oceania Revamp Beta

(PBA 2K Revamp Beta)

As promised in the revamping of PBA 2K which you can read here, PBA 2K will continue without the NCAA & UAAP in the roster. We have already started to replace them with the PBA D-League comprised of 10 teams, ABL comprised of 6 teams, and Oceania comprised of 2 teams just to satistfy the 30-team requirement. While we understand that Oceania does feel a bit out of place, it is near to the ABL in terms of location and there is sufficient information on both teams so they have been added to complete the league. We are still open to suggestions on what other 2 teams we can add to satisfy the 30-team requirement.

However, the revamp project is still not finished. Hence, this update is released as a beta which only includes the PBA D-League & ABL jerseys, without their actual lineups. The lineups are still of those from previous NCAA & UAAP teams with the exception of Alab Pilipinas, Australian Boomers & New Zealand Tall Blacks. While we are still working on actual ABL & PBA D-League rosters, the amount of work is too much right now to be able to release it in time as the couple of months will see a lack of updates so a beta was released instead. These rosters are available in a separate PBA 2K Revamp Edition in the Appdata Files. The PBA 2K Logos & Scoreboards now includes the scoreboard logos for all of the new teams that have been added in PBA 2K v15.0.

Universal Portrait Project Update

(142 New PBA 2K Portraits)

142 PBA 2K portraits have been updated for the PBA players. We also updated the structure for the portraits, no longer having the portraits from PBA 2K in the 9000s, but changed it to 10000s. With that change, all FIBA, PBA and NBA rosters that include some PBA players will have their portrait IDs match the new portrait structure from now on. Only the new versions of the PBA 2K roster are compatible with the new portrait update. All rosters from the 2012 Phil Cup to the 2017 Comm Cup rosters have been made compatible with the new portrait update.

Download Universal Portrait Project Update


If you already have the latest PBA 2K update (v14.2), you must download the PBA 2K Appdata Files v15.0, PBA 2K Main Directory Files v15 and PBA 2K Logos & Scoreboards all in the Downloads section of the website to enjoy the new additions to PBA 2K v15.0's new updates.

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