Kuroko V Slam Dunk: Winter Cup Trailer!

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Kuroko V Slam Dunk: Winter Cup Trailer by IMzKDC23

IMzKDC23 showcases the Kuroko No Basuke teams!!!

Everyone should check out the Kuroko V Slam Dunk Teaser by IMzKDC23! The vid features all of the Generation of Miracles in Kuroko V Slam Dunk's Kuroko No Basuke part! It also features a few special teams included such as Teikō Junior High, Team Vorpal Swords & Team Jabberwock.

IMzKDC23 is granted early access to the Kuroko V Slam Dunk mod and has some of our files. Although he doesn't have all of the updated cyberfaces (korox323's new cyberfaces, new Kirisaki Daīchi High & Seihō High cyberfaces) in this video, the roster, jerseys, and courts are all updated. We're still waiting for korox323's complete cyberfaces for the Kuroko No Basuke part. Hopefully, we can get a Slam Dunk teaser soon!

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Logo Name Description & Links
IMzKDC23 IMzKDC23 is an aspiring YouTube content creator, making gameplay videos and commentaries of NBA 2K15, PBA 2K14, and other video games. Having one of the best voices in the Philippines and being an avid anime fan, he is certainly has a variety of interests as an individual. IMzKDC23 has early access to some mods of the Medevenx series such as Kuroko V Slam Dunk.

The Kuroko No Basuke rosters, jerseys, are complete. I still need to complete the 6 remaining Slam Dunk teams I have yet to do, and create the accurate warmup jackets for all of the Slam Dunk teams. All of the courts have been finished already. For more information read our last blog post on the Kuroko No Basuke previews for Kuroko V Slam Dunk here!

There's still no release date for Kuroko V Slam Dunk, we still don't have complete cyberfaces for either part of the mod so please be patient. We'll keep you updated so stay tuned!

FIBA 2K14 v3.1 Released

Represent Your Nation

MyCareer, Association and Court Performance Issues Have Been Fixed!
MyCareer & Association Fixed

This marks the first update for FIBA 2K14 from v3.0 to v3.1 with an update to the Appdata Files that fixed MyCareer & Association modes for both the 2014 World Cup & 2015 Zone rosters.. Now you can represent your country's by joining its national basketball team! The Draft Projection is based on each team's FIBA World Ranking according to the official FIBA website. We've given all nations one draft pick to give an equal opportunity for each user to join their respective own country.

FIBA Draft Order
1 to 10
  • USA
  • Spain
  • Argentina
  • Lithuania
  • France
  • Serbia
  • Turkey
  • Brazil
  • Greece
  • Australia
11 to 20
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia
  • China
  • Puerto Rico
  • Angola
  • Iran
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • Dominican Republic
  • New Zealand
21 to 30
  • Nigeria
  • Canada
  • Korea
  • Senegal
  • Philippines
  • Finland
  • Italy
  • Ukraine
  • Egypt
  • Japan
Court Performance Issue Fix

For those experiencing lag (performance issues) while playing FIBA 2K14. We've uploaded a small file (just 36 KB) that fixes the lag for FIBA 2K14. This file has also been included in Part 4 (Courts) and the Full Pack which we've both already reuploaded, so if it's your first time to download FIBA 2K14, you don't need to download this file anymore because it will already be included in the Full Packs that you will be downloading.


There were a few things updated for the Philippines in the 2015 FIBA rosters, as well as changing something related to the presentation in the Settings file. Please make sure you check out the Changelog to read the changes in this update from v3.0. We're also still working on the next major update, which will be v4.0. It will include new teams, updated teams, new courts and jerseys as well.

Please make sure you download the Appdata Files update in the Downloads section, as well as the FIBA 2K14 Lag Fix file uploaded here in this post! Those are the only files you need to download in this update. We're working hard on the next update, please enjoy the weekend and have fun!

FIBA 2K14's Coaches Tab Baldwin & Gong Luming Activated

Coach Tab Baldwin (Philippines) & Coach Gong Luming (China)

How is everybody enjoying FIBA 2K14 v3.0 so far? We've received a TON of good feedback from the users. We're glad you're liking all of the improvements! We've been going straight at it for months with this update. It took us more than half a year just to make since our original previews of FIBA 2K14 were way back in late January this year. Of course, other than the positive feedback, we've also received some reports on bugs, glitches, and errors on our part. Here is a brief description of the fixes, and minor updates we've put in.


Missing Cyberfaces
After realizing that not all users of FIBA 2K14 are familiar with the NBA Roster Updates from the Medevenx series, we've reuploaded all of the Cyberface Packs (Parts 1 & 2) for missing cyberfaces. Reports on missing cyberfaces for Nick Calathes of Greece (former Memphis Grizzly), Dante Exum (Utah Jazz), etc. were received on the initial release and have been fixed.

Missing Stadiums
We were missing the Oceania 2015 (New Zealand & Australia) stadiums in Part 4 (Courts) even though the stadiums were in the full pack so Part 4 has been reuploaded to include both stadiums.

Performance Issues
There have also been reports that users have been experiencing lag in their game which is most probably due to the very HD courts we've released. If we do confirm that it was not meant for low-end PCs, we will definitely make it a point to update the courts to make it more playable for those who cannot really play on too high video settings.

Download the fixes & updates here!


We actually forgot to update the coaches for the Philippines and China in the 2015 Zone rosters. No need to download any new cyberface packs though, just redownload the Appdata Files cos this is a really minor roster update that we'll still call it v3.0. We've also included some updates to the jersey numbers for the players of Gilas Pilipinas 3.0 (Philippines) as officially released by the PBA last night. We also corrected Selem Safar's (Argentina) shooting hand in this minor update and updated some ratings for 2015 FIBA Zone rosters. If you're expecting portraits for Gilas 3.0, don't because we hope to update the portrait project if FIBA Asia releases official portraits for all of the Asian teams

More Information

More detailed information on the current features of FIBA 2K14 will be released this weekend. We have a lot of features in FIBA 2K14 that we haven't really tackled in great detail yet. We want to bring you the full FIBA 2014 World Cup experience with the 2014 World Cup rosters. Nontheless, we have also started working on our next update: FIBA 2K14 v4.0 to feature AfroBasket 2015 updates. More new concepts and ideas have been thought of recently that have already been shared with the FIBA 2K Modding Team. Our future updates will focus on bringing more presentation files for FIBA 2K14, such as a new scoreboard, icon file, title screens, promotional images, as well as bring of course, the updated rosters.

In Case You Missed It:

Check out the article on the initial release of FIBA 2K14 v3.0 here!

New Website Launched!

A New Era of Medevenx

Welcome to the new website for Medevenx!

This website is dedicated to integrate all of my works, mods for NBA 2K14, news & article blog written by me, and my own pixel art portfolio into one website. Designed by Sid Vishnoi of HoopsVilla, both websites are considered partners and affiliates of each other, with each contributing to the other. The website is powered by Blogger.

Full conversion mods such as FIBA 2K14 and PBA 2K14 are available on this site, as permitted by the FIBA 2K and PBA 2K development teams. We will also be posting all of our future NBA roster updates here, and we will be moving all of our stuff from the NBA roster updates from the Medevenx series here. A mod to be released in the future, titled "Kuroko V Slam Dunk" which is a full conversion mod featuring rosters, jerseys, courts from both Kuroko No Basuke and Slam Dunk anime will also be released here.

Learn more about Medevenx: The profile, the NBA 2K modding features and compatibility of all NBA 2K14 mods, the pixel art in the About page which is located at the bottom of every page.

Updates on the website next week will include a home page for the website, as well as some template editing to properly show the images on the home page. The site is still not completely finished and is still being worked on by both Sid Vishnoi, and me.

FIBA 2K14 will be updated within two weeks.
NBA 2K14 rosters will either be updated by the end of September or on NBA Opening Day.
PBA 2K14 will be updated in two months (a couple of weeks into the first PBA conference)
Kuroko V Slam Dunk is still in progress, Slam Dunk Previews will be revealed next week.

Read our first three articles published today:

PBA 2K14 New Website
FIBA 2K14 v3.0 Released
Kuroko V Slam Dunk: Kuroko No Basuke Previews

All related modders, individuals, websites and modding teams are all given profiles in the Related page.
Feel free to contact me whenever by visiting the Contact page which is also located at the bottom of every page.

Be sure to visit HoopsVilla.com and like HoopsVilla on Facebook to show some love for our website designer!

FIBA 2K14 v3.0 Released

A New Era of FIBA 2K Has Arrived

A new era of FIBA 2K14 has arrived, the FIBA 2K Team has welcomed me to the update team and have successfully finished our base for FIBA 2K14. All of the FIBA 2K14 updates and news will appear on this new website. The current version of FIBA 2K14 is composed of the 24 teams from the 2014 World Cup, and 6 expansion teams to complete the 30-team requirement for a full conversion mod. The 6 expansion teams are as follows: Canada from 2013 FIBA Americas, China from 2013 FIBA Asia, Germany from EuroBasket 2013, Italy from EuroBasket 2013, Japan from 2013 FIBA Asia, and Nigeria from AfroBasket 2013. There is no need to download the previous versions of FIBA 2K14 (v2.0 and below) as everything is completely new in FIBA 2K14 v3.0. We've also included our first 2015 update which features the 2015 FIBA Oceania Update (Australia & New Zealand), as well as the Philippines (Gilas Pilipinas 3.0) roster for 2015 FIBA Asia.


FIBA 2K14 is compatible with all mods from the Medevenx series such as the NBA roster updates, and PBA 2K14. All of the features of FIBA 2K14 v3.0 are all explained in full detail in the Features section of the website. Please also make sure to read the FAQ section, as well as the Instructions sections before proceeding to download FIBA 2K14.

Concept and Future Plans

The concept of FIBA 2K14's newest update (v3.0 onwards) is a realistic FIBA experience for NBA 2K14. That includes accurate names, jerseys, courts, etc. All of the teams are represented by their country's name in their national language, followed by their country's name in English (for example: Pilipinas Philippines, etc). We are also strictly following FIBA's official name lists and recorded measurements. The height of each player is accurate in cm according to official FIBA websites, and we use the names present in the official FIBA websites as well (for example: Jayson Castro being Jayson William, etc). The team divisions and conferences are arranged according to their geographical position, using their longitudinal position as reference. Therefore, Eastern teams come from the Eastern part of the globe, while Western teams come from the Western part of the globe. All 24 World Cup teams are arranged alphabetically, followed by an alphabetical list of the 6 expansion teams.

We are currently proceeding with our AfroBasket 2015 update, which will be followed by the 2015 FIBA Americas update, EuroBasket 2015 update, and finally the 2015 FIBA Asia update. These updates will include updated rosters, cyberfaces, jerseys, and courts for all teams. We have also removed all of the Euroleague and retro NBA teams as we prepare to include all of the FIBA teams in future updates. Once all of the teams have been updated, we will alphabetically arrange all of the nations and release different rosters that feature each Zone Championship Tournament more vividly. That means, there is a possibility of a 2015 FIBA EuroBasket roster which will have mostly EuroBasket teams for MyCareer & Association modes, etc.The goal of the FIBA 2K Team for FIBA 2K14 is to accurately create ALL nations that have participated in the 2015 FIBA Zone Championship Tournaments. After all that is said and done, the ultimate and final goal is to create the 2016 Basketball Olympics in Rio full experience for FIBA 2K14.

Kuroko V Slam Dunk: Kuroko No Basuke Previews

Kuroko No Basuke: Winter Cup Previews

In an attempt to create a full conversion mod involving Kuroko No Basuke Teams, and Slam Dunk Teams, I've recently just finished watching Kuroko No Basuke, also known as Kuroko No Basket or The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays. I've been creating the team rosters simultaneously as I watch every season of the anime, citing every improvement, shot attempt (for rating and tendency), animation, play style from every episode to make a comprehensive roster mod. Therefore, I was able to successfully create 15 Kuroko No Basuke team rosters.

15 Kuroko No Basuke Teams
  • Fukuda Sōgō Academy
  • Josei High
  • Kaijō High
  • Kirisaki Daīchi High
  • Meijō Academy
  • Meisei High
  • Nakamiya South High
  • Rakuzan High
  • Seihō High
  • Seirin High
  • Senshinkan High
  • Shinkyō Academy
  • Shūtoku High
  • Tōō Academy
  • Yōsen High
Special Kuroko No Basuke teams
  • Japanese National Team
  • Team Jabberwock
  • Team Strky
  • Team Vorpal Swords
  • Teikō Junior High (Three Years Ago)
  • Teikō Junior High (Two Years Ago)
  • Meikō Junior High (One Year Ago)
  • Teikō Junior High (One Year Ago)
  • Kirisaki Daīchi High (One Year Ago)
  • Seirin High (One Year Ago)

Roster Description

I have successfully developed the complete 15 teams into three in-depth rosters. Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3 rosters with their respective attributes, tendencies, and accessories from each season are available. For example, Kuroko will not have any decent shooting ratings and will not have any shooting tendencies in the Season 1 roster unlike in Seasons 2 and 3 where he has his own shot called the "Phantom Shot". Ratings for players also develop throughout the season rosters. It will be seen clearly in the rosters how each player progressed in the anime when they developed new moves. Signature Skills are made accurate for every player depending on their performance in the anime's season. Animations also change per season, with Kuroko developing his new shooting form in Season 2. Special cases are for Kise, who had different Dunk Package animations as well as Signature Skills in Season 3, as well as the other players who were able to enter the Zone. Players who were in the Zone/Kise's Perfect Copy, etc. have different cyberface and portraits depending on their respective season. Kiyoshi is also injured in the Season 1 roster, thus is unavailable to play in Quick Game, but will be available in other game modes. Midorima is given the highest arcing jump shot animation available in NBA 2K14. Fictional players were created in place of the teams without official players (Senshinkan, Meisei, etc.) as well as for bench warmers for the more known teams.

Ratings Guide
The following is the ratings guide used for the development of this roster mod.
  • 95-99 Generation of Miracles Level: Zone [5 Signature Skills]
  • 90-95 Generation of Miracles Level: Normal [5 Signature Skills]
  • 85-90 Uncrowned Kings Level [4 Signature Skills]
  • 80-85 Excellent Starters/Captain Level [1 to 3 Signature Skills]
  • 75-80 Good Starters Level [1 to 3 Signature Skills]
  • 70-75 Contributing Starters Level [1 to 3 Signature Skills]
  • 65-70 Basic Starters Level [1 to 3 Signature Skills]
  • 60-65 Bench/Unknown Player Level [0 Signature Skills]
  • 45-60 Bench Warmer Level [0 Signature Skills]

Courts and Jerseys

All of the court floor mods and jerseys were made by me. I decided to create accurate jerseys, as well as warmup jackets for all of the teams, while creating fictional warmup jackets for those teams that were not shown wearing them in the anime. All designs of the jerseys were made accurate and corresponds to normal versions of NBA 2K14 WITHOUT the Tight Jersey mod, as Kuroko No Basuke's players and teams are not shown to be wearing any form of tight jerseys. Jersey numbers are now also accurate and correctly appear as it did in the anime. Conceptual jerseys were created in lieu of never seen jerseys such as Rakuzan High's dark jersey or Tōō Academy's light jersey. As of now, only the Winter Cup floor was created as all 15 Kuroko No Basuke teams will be using the Winter Cup floor. I was lucky enough to have the great court modder Mythbuster mentor me on developing floor mods. Only floors have been developed for this mod as I have no experience in editing stadiums.

Concept and Future Plans

The mod will heavily feature a single conference of 15 Kuroko No Basuke rosters (taking the Western Conference) and renaming it as the Winter Cup Tournament. The plan is to finish creating the 15 Slam Dunk Teams that will replace the Eastern Conference teams as the Interhigh Tournament, where the Finals will be a National Finals between the champion of the Winter Cup Tournament and the champion of the Interhigh Tournament. As of now, the opponent in the Rookie Showcase is Teikō Junior High in its third and final year, with a six-man roster consisting of the "Generation of Miracles" and their "Phantom Sixth Man". I am still unsure of which team should go up against Teikō in the rookie showcase. All-Star games remain the same as the Kuroko No Basuke Winter Cup All-Stars will face the Slam Dunk Interhigh All-Stars.


The Divisions were constructed like this instead of via prefecture because of the lack of teams in other districts (numerous teams reside in Tokyo). Thus, I selected the divisions based on which teams they faced in the anime. Rakuzan and Shūtoku faced each other, Kaijō and Tōō faced each other, while Yōsen only faced Seirin in the anime. The other teams are also based on which teams belong to where I believe they do belong. For example, Seihō and Senshinkan are in the same division as Shūtoku as the "Three Kings of Tokyo". Kirisaki Daīchi, Nakamiya South and Shinkyō were only seen facing Seirin. Fukuda Sōgō is in the same division Kaijō belongs to as they faced each other in Season 3.

The following is the divisions guide used for the development of this roster mod.

Division 1
  • Josei High
  • Rakuzan High
  • Seihō High
  • Senshinkan High
  • Shūtoku High
Division 2
  • Kirisaki Daīchi High
  • Nakamiya South High
  • Seirin High
  • Shinkyō Academy
  • Yōsen High
Division 3
  • Fukuda Sōgō Academy
  • Kaijō High
  • Meijō Academy
  • Meisei High
  • Tōō Academy

PBA 2K14 Site Movement

For the new 2015-2016 versions of PBA 2K14, we introduce to you the new cover athletes for PBA 2K14, the MVP of the 2014-2015 PBA Season, June Mar Fajardo of the San Miguel Beermen, Calvin Abueva of the Alaska Aces, and Jayson Castro of the Talk 'N Text Tropang Texters!

Welcome to the new website for PBA 2K14. We will be moving all of our articles, assets, and information from the old PBA 2K14 website (located here) very soon. We will be using our new PBA 2K14 logo, and promotional images in the next versions of PBA 2K14. We will also reupload all of our files to match the new FIBA 2K14 updates to ensure the compatibility of both mods. We expect to completely move the website in around 2 weeks time.

The next PBA 2K14 update (v9.0) will focus on updating the PBA and as much as we can with the NCAA and UAAP for the 2015-2016 versions of PBA 2K14. We will definitely try to release an update after a couple of months, well into All-Filipino Cup (1st Conference of the PBA Season). We will be including LOTS of new files for PBA 2K14 v9.0 such as new title screens, more accurate updates, PBA rookies, all of these and more. Please be patient with the next update!