Med's NBA Roster v3.9c Released - NBA Roster Update Secret Revealed!

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors are back in the NBA Finals! With that official today, we release our second to the last update for the 2015-2016 NBA season, which is also our 60th update for NBA 2K14! We also reveal the top secret we have been keeping in the past few days for the NBA roster update, so check it out!

RIP Bryce Dejean-Jones

Before we proceed to the details of the current update, we would like to spend a moment to pray for the soul of Bryce Dejean-Jones of the New Orleans Pelicans. He was shot and killed on May 28, 2015. May he rest in peace. Our deepest prayers go to his friends and family.

Blue Ankle Wraps for the Golden State Warriors

Other than your regular NBA roster update with updated ratings, tendencies, rotations & accessories, the Golden State Warriors now wear a blue ankle wrap instead of their regular socks. Curry on the other hand, wears his white/black ankle brace. This has been one of the more demanded updates in recent memory and we made sure to implement that in this version.

Implementation of Seushiro's Animation Mod v3.1a

(Seushiro's Animation 1st Video Preview)

If you haven't heard of Seushiro's Animation Mod, it adds a ton of new jump shot animations to the game, as well as vastly improves the gameplay! Now, Med's NBA Roster makes use of the animations added by Seushiro, namely, multiple new jump shots for James Harden, Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant, Monta Ellis, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, etc. All rosters from the Medevenx series (Med's NBA Roster, FIBA 2K14, PBA 2K14 & Kuroko V Slam Dunk) have finally, successfully implemented Seushiro's Animation Mod, making Med's NBA Roster the last to implement it, after the recent release of PBA 2K14 v11.0, FIBA 2K14 v5.0 and Kuroko V Slam Dunk v1.1.

Seushiro made some additions to v3.1a as well as some fixes. You can now pump fake with the D. Lee, H. Barnes, A. Bogut, R. Westbrook and D. Williams bases. New bases have also been added in place of D. Howard, R. Westbrook, and D. Williams For more information, you can always check out Seushiro's Animation Mod Devlog in NLSC and Seushiro's own section in the website.

Seushiro's Animation Mod Development Thread Download Seushiro's Animation Mod v3.1a

Future Updates: Retiree & Overseas Vault!

To prepare for the new additions we will be adding to the next update for Med's NBA Roster, we removed all of the retro NBA teams for good measure. As said before, the roster is not about the retro experience for the NBA. There are multiple retro mods for NBA to download, and we've all played with the retro teams 2K Sports made for NBA 2K14.

Why did we remove these teams? It's because we're going to replace them with the secret we wanted to keep for a little while. In a similar fashion to PBA 2K14's Import Vault, we will be adding two new features to the next update for Med's NBA Roster called the Retiree Vault, showcasing retired players such as Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Tracy McGrady, etc., as well as the Overseas Vault, which showcases players overseas like Stephon Marbury, Andray Blatche, etc. This works exactly as its counterpart in PBA 2K14. It is a separate team with players assigned to them. They aren't available in Association Mode's Free Agency, so if you want to use them you're going to have to sign them before you start your Association Mode.

New Collaborations & Other Updates

We've been collaborating with a LOT of people lately. Collaborations with JPeb will bring us some new shoes for the roster. Hopefully, he'll be able to create a lot of shoes so that by October, when we have the bigger NBA roster updates, almost everyone will have new shoes. Collaborations with Seushiro, major contributor to Kuroko V Slam Dunk and author of the Animation mod we all use, will also bring us new updates to the global. That's right, the global is going to get an update in June! We'll also create NBA 2K16 & NBA 2K17 versions of the logos in the global file.

Even more collaborations with other modders lead us to collaborating with xzardox, who will bring the NBA 2K16 Soundtrack to NBA 2K14. The mod will be compatible with the english file we use in our site, and will be bundled with the PlayStation buttons and updated headlines. For PBA 2K14, we also have bryonray working on the first ever PBA 2K14 fictional draft class that have Filipinos taking part in the draft class, available for the draft for all teams including the PBA, UAAP & NCAA teams.

Like May, June is going to be a big month for updates. Not only are we focusing on brand new features for most mods, but the progress is steady and collaborating with more modders will always take up more time, but with bigger and better updates. Kuroko V Slam Dunk and FIBA 2K14 are expected to have updates this month, and maybe even PBA 2K14 if we get to finish our update quickly. A video will be posted this month showcasing all of the new stuff for the 2016-2017 line of updates, revealing the other secrets we have been keeping, so be sure to stay tuned! For those that were wondering about a tutorial, we've already made scripts for YouTube videos on how to download and install the mods, we just have to record the audio and capture the footage. These tutorial videos will have two versions, an English and Tagalog version, and will be accompanied by a full blog post containing images of the step by step procedure on how to download and install the mods.

Moving to DropBox!

We've experienced some errors with MEGA, regarding the download links reaching the bandwidth limit per month. Now, luckily, the month has just ended and we won't be experiencing the error for a brief period of time for June. However, all of the files are being re-uploaded to Dropbox which is the current candidate for the best file hosting service. I really like MEGA as I feel it is really convenient for the uploader (AMAZING interface), but the 10 GB bandwidth limit cannot be solved by creating another account as it detects the IP address of the account. MEGA requires registration when it reaches over the limit, and that's a really minor issue, but we want it to be absolutely convenient for everyone to download. This would be avoided if I had help hosting the files, but nonetheless, everything is currently being re-uploaded, starting with the NBA roster updates.

Dropbox is great because we can also create a direct link that allows you to download directly off of the website, not having to lead you to any other website, and can be downloaded by your Internet Download Manager! I will post a review and comparison of file hosting websites this month as well.

To download the new roster update, you're going to need to download the new Med's NBA Appdata Files. There is no need to download any Main Directory Files for now.

Download Med's NBA Roster v3.9c Now

#MedSpeaks : The Android Community

Before we proceed, we would like to state that none of our works are for Android and we are not related to the Android community. Our works are for PC only. Please do not come to us with inquiries, comments, reports or any form of messages regarding Android mods. Thank you.

Over the years, we've had inquiries regarding Android versions of Med's NBA Roster, PBA 2K14 and even sometimes, FIBA 2K14 or Kuroko V Slam Dunk. Recently, there have been more android inquiries brought to the main Facebook page, regarding modding for Android phones and the like. All of our mods have always been for PC. We discuss our thoughts on the difference between the PC modding community and the Android modding community.

NBA 2K14 (Android)

Comparison & Confusion?

NBA 2K14 (PC)

The images and videos we post here on the website have always been the PC version of NBA 2K14. With all settings on high in these screenshots and even videos, somehow, the casual members of the community who are not familiar with NBA 2K video gaming as a whole still mistake the mods as available for Android phones. Now, obviously, the graphics are nothing alike. The NBA 2K14 version for Android looks a lot like earlier NBA 2K titles for the PSP, but with the animation and fluidity of the PS2 era combined with a few animations from today's current game.

NBA 2K16 (Android)

Now, for NBA 2K16 on Android & iOS, it's a completely different story as it looks to be based on more recent NBA 2K video games and draws a striking resemblance to NBA 2K14 for PC. Images and videos of this version of NBA 2K on mobile are the primary source of confusion for the average video game enthusiast. However, we have to establish that all of our screenshots have always been and will always be for PC. It is great to see that even the mobile market is being given an ample amount of detail and attention by 2K Sports since the mobile video gaming community for NBA 2K is also quite large.

Messages.. what messages?

So, the messages we receive on the pages are most usually inquiries on whether or not the mods are available for Android devices. As we said before, we only mod for PC and all of our mods are only available for PC.

With that said, what are the other kinds of messages we receive? Sometimes, modders from the Android community inquire if we would allow our work to be used as bases for their work. This kind of thing has always been an issue between modders and is the most common issue of drama within the community. However, the PC modding community and the Android modding community are completely separate. One argument will always be said that credits will be properly given to the original author whose work will be based off of. While that is just right, does it really do the original author justice? First off, modders take literally HOURS, maybe tens, maybe even hundreds, and the most hardcore and veteran modders have spent THOUSANDS of hours conducting the proper research, resourcing, creating art files and posting online. For someone to take one's work whom that person has most likely made a personal attachment and connection to, and make it their own by changing very little and releasing it while not claiming it as their own work is difficult to take in for the original author.

While there are a lot of works that are open-source (explicitly stated that it can be used for anyone to edit even without permission), there's something about modding that a lot of people should realize. It's that there is a special bond between the modder and the mod itself. Modders know exactly what their work looks like, how it functions and what it will be like for people when they use it. A sort of connection between the creator and the product that should not be tampered with. All artists have this connection with their art, as I often like to think modders are artists as well. While there is justice with giving credits to the original author, they have every right to decline their work being used as a base solely based on his personal attachment to his creation due to the passion and hard work they imbued into their work. We are required to respect the original author if they decide to not allow their work to be used as a base.

Well then, why not just create your own mod? That has always been a question that has popped up in my head. We've received PMs asking to use the files created by our team regarding PBA 2K14, Kuroko V Slam Dunk, etc. The NBA 2K PC modding community has existed for a long time now, and so has the Android modding community. There are plenty of experienced and talented modders in the Android community as well, maybe just as much as the NBA 2K PC community. There have been more than one occasion where a member of the Android modding community has asked for permission to convert our very own PC files. Naturally, we decline because of what has been said earlier. However, with the existence of the community and even the experience of the most veteran modders from said community, why is there a need to ask the PC community for such files?

What the PC community can learn from the Android community

Thankfully, this doesn't happen very often and most of the time Android modders who are rejected take it with dignity. While I haven't heard of anyone from the PC community asking for files from the Android community, there is a thing or two to be learned from the Android community that should be brought to the PC community. It's that even when you are declined something that is meant to be shared, due to personal reasons or modder ties, you should always learn to create your own mods, from scratch if you have to. Nothing is going to stop you from sharing your works with others, and to share our works with others is the point of modding. The Android community is exactly that since the complexity of modding for mobile devices may be very startling for casual gamers. Even with all the difficulties, they continue to mod and share their works with others and that is exactly what the PC community needs.

Lately, there has been an unusual surplus of modders for NBA 2K on PC and with that, an even more unusual lack of sharing of works. Some modders come to a point where they don't even release their works publicly, as we have discussed before. It is mainly due to the realization that even other people will probably have their own version of a certain mod that they no longer release publicly since a different modder will release his own mod publicly. This is the flaw of an extremely large modding community that is frankly larger than the Android community. The Android community is smaller in number, but is more willing to share because of its smaller pool of modders.

Will I ever mod for Android?

Frankly, no and that will never happen for me personally. We have had PC modders contribute to the Android modding community in the past such as Tonskie of the Pinoy 2K Modders/PBA 2K Team. For me, I simply don't know how to mod for Android, I don't have a strong enough Android device to play NBA 2K on, and I'm simply not interested. The workload I do for NBA 2K on PC is already too much to handle in some cases, and I cannot add the burden of having to modify for a different community using what I assume would be even different modding methods and techniques. It would be a brand new learning curve for me that I would not be willing to take.

In the past, I have been invited to mod for the Android community and I have always respectfully declined. That will never change for me, but I have always said that I trust that the Android modding community has always been strong and don't actually need me. In fact, a lot of Android modders probably don't even know me or any of my works. However, I do have the highest respect for the best Android modders out there and I have complete trust in their work.

The Android community is completely different from the PC community, but it has the same sentiment when it comes to sharing our works. While I do not encourage members of either community to use the opposite's work as bases for their own, I believe that everyone should learn how to create their own mods even without the help of others just to be able to contribute and share our works with others. I cannot stress this enough, but modding has always been about sharing, and that should never stop.

Again, none of our works are for Android and we are not related to the Android community. Our works are for PC only. Please do not come to us with inquiries, comments, reports or any form of messages regarding Android mods. Thank you.

PBA 2K14 v11.0, Seushiro's Animation Mod v3.1 & Universal Portrait Project v3.7 Released

This may be one of our BEST updates yet! The original 2014 PBA rosters have been added back, a new early version of the 2016 PBA Governors' Cup roster has also been added, and all 60 imports that have been part of PBA 2K14 all make an appearance in the Import Vault, making them all available for all rosters (except the 2014 rosters). This update also marks the implementation of Seushiro's Animation Mod which has seen a new version released today, so all of the new animations have been assigned to the PBA players in this roster. The Universal Portrait Project has also been updated for those that have downloaded the newest version of FIBA 2K14. Check it all out and have fun!

Return of Original 2014 PBA Philippine Cup & Commissioner's Cup Rosters

If you remember these old rosters then you were with us from the very start of PBA 2K14! Back in the days where the cyberfaces and jerseys weren't as good today, even the roster was completely inaccurate with incorrect positions, ratings, tendencies, animations, etc. Now, we revamped the old rosters with the editing style used for our current rosters and we can safely say that the quality of the original 2014 rosters is now on par with the current rosters. For those of you didn't already know, back in early 2014, Medevenx took a 9-month long hiatus that abruptly ended the progress for the final version of the 2014 PBA Comm Cup Roster, and was completely absent for the 2014 PBA Govs Cup roster.

Is that why there's no 2014 Governors' Cup roster? Yes, the 2014 Commissioner's Cup roster only needed some minor edits while the Governors' Cup roster was never started on. Right now, it has made some progress, with only cyberfaces for the imports missing. This makes the roster incomplete and sparked our decision to not release the 2014 Govs Cup roster at the moment. We will, however, continue to make new import cyberfaces for this roster to complete the void left by the absence of Medevenx during the time.

The roster features the accurate 2013-2014 PBA season schedule, similar to the current rosters. 33 Games means all of the conferences will be played, 22 Games means only the first two conferences will be played, and 11 Games means only the Philippine Cup will be played. During this time, the PBA consisted of only 10 teams, and with the UAAP consisting of 8 teams & NCAA consisting of 10 teams, we had to add 2 more teams to complete the 30-team requirement NBA 2K14 has to run MyCareer & Association. These teams were added during the time were the Lousville Cardinals and North Carolina Tar Heels. These teams don't have their own logos in the mod right now since we still need to know the feedback on the 2014 rosters, and will be added in PBA 2K14 v12.0.

Implementation of Seushiro's Animation Mod v3.1

(Seushiro's Animation 1st Video Preview)

If you haven't heard of Seushiro's Animation Mod, it adds a ton of new jump shot animations to the game, as well as vastly improves the gameplay! Now, PBA 2K14 makes use of the animations added by Seushiro, namely, multiple new jump shots for James Yap, K.G. Canaleta, Arwind Santos, Jeff Chan, Beau Belga, etc. All rosters from the Medevenx series (Med's NBA Roster, FIBA 2K14, PBA 2K14 & Kuroko V Slam Dunk) will implement Seushiro's Animation Mod, making PBA 2K14 v11.0 the third mod to implement it, after the recent release of FIBA 2K14 v5.0 and Kuroko V Slam Dunk v1.1.

Seushiro made some improvements to the mod since its initial v3.0 release. First, he fixed an error where he uploaded the incorrect nba animations file. Second is the fixes on more jump shot animations to completely remove some glitches. A new Stephen Curry jump shot is also available in v3.1. Seushiro urges us to either re-download v3.0 or download the newest beta of the new version, v3.1. For more information, you can always check out Seushiro's Animation Mod Devlog in NLSC.

Seushiro's Animation Mod Development Thread Download Seushiro's Animation Mod v3.1

Early Version of 2016 PBA Governors' Cup

An early version of the 2016 PBA Governors' Cup has been released, featuring the new transactions in the past couple of weeks. We replace Pido Jarencio with Eric Gonzales as the new head coach of GlobalPort. We also implemented the newest trades:

  • GlobalPort acquires: Yousef Taha, Ronald Pascual, Karl Dehesa
  • Blackwater acquires: Roi Sumang
  • Mahindra acquires: Keith Agovida, Paolo Taha
  • Phoenix acquires: Jonathan Uyloan, Mark Cruz, Norbert Torres, Mark Borboran, Simon Enciso
  • Star Hotshots acquires: Keith Jensen, Rodney Brondial, R.R. Garcia
  • NLEX acquires: Mac Baracael, Emman Monfort

Of course, we extend our congratulations to the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters for winning the 2016 Oppo PBA Commissioner's Cup championship, and with that final game we were able to update the accessories, ratings, tendencies and rotations of all the PBA teams that played since the last update.

New Cyberfaces & Jerseys

A total of 30 new cyberfaces and over 200 jerseys have had their green textures edited to fit the quality of our current jerseys for PBA 2K14. We've also added new jerseys for the Star Hotshots' retro collection, their B-Meg Derby Ace Llamados jerseys from the 2009-2010 PBA season. We also worked on the B-Meg Llamados jerseys in this update and will hope to revamp more retro jerseys in future updates.

Import Vault! All 60 PBA Imports Available!

One of the most exciting things in this update is the addition of the Import Vaults. The import vaults are five teams with 12-man rosters composed of all 60 imports that have appeared in PBA 2K14. They appear as retro rosters that you can play with in-game, but is meant for a vault for you to sign any imports you wish, to PBA 2K14 without having them actually available in Free Agency. Remember, we completely avoid free agency in PBA 2K14 since we don't want the UAAP & NCAA teams to be signing any PBA players from the free agents list. The Import Vault is implemented in every roster except for the 2014 PBA rosters since those old rosters have a different format. However, we will edit the 2014 rosters in the next update to also include the import vault, Gilas teams, All-Star teams, etc.

The reason for the creation of the Import Vault is to make use of the cyberfaces that our team members have worked long and hard on to make which, in the past, have been completely forgotten each time an import is replaced. Now, with the import vault, the cyberfaces remain usable without disrupting any of the rules we have set for PBA 2K14 regarding free agency, multiple imports on a team, etc. and is considered a very efficient way of allowing users to change imports themselves.

Future Updates & PlayStation Buttons Implemented

If you didn't already know, we released PlayStation buttons for all of the mods from the series a week ago. Those same PlayStation buttons have already been implemented into the PBA 2K14 Logos & Scoreboards (english.iff file) and PBA 2K14 Optional Files (gamedata.iff file) if you haven't downloaded them already.

As for PBA 2K14 v12.0, since the PBA will return in July for the 2016 PBA Governors' Cup, expect a full release for the PBA 2014 Govs Cup roster, a full release of the PBA 2016 Govs Cup roster with the new imports, an accurate 2016 PBA Governors' Cup schedule and any other changes the league may experience. We've also confirmed that PBA 2K14 v12.0 will definitely have updated NCAA Season 91 jerseys. We know some of you have been requesting updated UAAP & NCAA rosters for this season, but unfortunately, it looks like we won't be able to do that due to the difficulty of updating these rosters. Missing information and lack of reference imagery is the bane of updating the college teams and if we ever do look to update the college teams again, we'll probably update it for next season and skip this season entirely.

Universal Portrait Project v3.7

Sorry for the inconvenience for FIBA 2K14 users, I personally completely forgot to upload the newest Universal Portrait Project that includes all of the new portraits for the added players for FIBA 2K14 v5.0. With that brought to my attention, I uploaded the file right away and now it can be downloaded in the website. This fixes any errors or incomplete portraits for your FIBA 2K14.

Download Universal Portrait Project v3.7

We definitely feel that this is one of the best updates we've had for a long time. We grant the request of many users to have imports available for selection in PBA 2K14. Since NBA 2K14 has a limit of only 15 players per team, you can't sign the imports to your team if the team you are using is already over the limit. What we recommend is that you trade for the imports instead, possibly with a local that you have no intention of keeping on your team. Future updates with the addition of the 2014 & 2016 Governors' Cups imports will produce another Import Vault team. Due to this new implementation that I have long wanted to do before, and was able to successfully implement, there will be a possibility of creating a Free Agents team where PBA players that don't currently have a team will be available in that team.

To download the new update for PBA 2K14 v11.0, be sure to download the newest PBA 2K14 Appdata Files and PBA 2K14 Main Directory Files 12. For the 2014 team logos, PlayStation buttons, please re-download both the PBA 2K14 Logos & Scoreboards and the PBA 2K14 Optional Files. Since the Import Vault has been implemented into every roster, all imports from previous version of PBA 2K14 are available. If you're missing cyberfaces for some imports, that most likely means that you either missed some old updates, or you only downloaded the updates and not the full packs. We STRONGLY urge you to download Cyberfaces Parts 1 & 2 of the Full Pack in case you are experiencing missing cyberfaces. For those who are experiencing missing jerseys for the 2014 rosters, then please proceed to download Jerseys (Part 3) of the Full Pack. Thank you and enjoy!

Kuroko V Slam Dunk v1.1 Released - Crashing Fixed!

Finally, we fix the crashing in the second season of MyCareer & Association, as well as fix the first name glitch for those with long last names. We also add a retro team as well as three fictional All-Star teams. New headlines have been added and the PlayStation buttons have been implemented to the Kuroko V Slam Dunk Optional Files.

New Teams

Other than the addition of Takeishi Junior High, Mitsui's team from three years ago when he was the MVP of Junior High, we also add three fictional All-Star teams. The Kuroko No Basuke All-Stars, composed of the Generation of Miracles, the Uncrowned Kings or Crownless Generals, and the main protagonists of the show, Kagami and Kuroko. The Slam Dunk All-Stars on the other hand, is composed of the best players from the Interhigh, as seen in the manga. Namely, Maki, Moroboshi, Sawakita, Tsuchiya and Morishige make up the starting lineup with Fukatsu, Jin, Sendoh (despite not being a participant in the Interhigh), Kawata, Akagi, and the two main protagonists of Slam Dunk, Sakuragi and Rukawa.

Of course, the original Kanagawa All-Stars make an appearance. Composed of the Kanagawa Prefectural Tournament's Best Five Maki, Jin, Sendoh, Rukawa, and Akagi, they are backed up by Fujima, Mitsui, Fukuda, Hanagata, Uozomi, Miyagi and Sakuragi. That makes all of the Shohoku players available in the Kanagawa All-Stars. The combination team of Shoyo and Ryonan at the end of the anime series (not shown in the manga) are also in the new update, with the jerseys using a familiar design from previous Slam Dunk mods you have seen in the past. However, you can also choose the Shoyo-only and Ryonan-only jerseys if you prefer them. There may be plans to add more jerseys like the original SD All-Stars jersey, possibly in future versions.

Second Season Crashing & First Name Glitch Fixed!

After confirming that the second season crashing was due to the teams having only 8 players per team, we added four bench players to each team except for Seirin and Shohoku, making it a total of 12 players per team except for Seirin which only has 11 players. This fixes the crashing in the second season since there is a requirement to have 12 players per team in the game. Another glitch in the mod, the first name glitch, where the end of the last name is used instead of the actual first name you input, which only happens if you have a long last name, has been fixed in the rosters after renewing the roster base.

New Headlines & PlayStation Buttons Implemented

New headlines for Kuroko V Slam Dunk are added and the english file is now updated with PlayStation buttons implemented. The PlayStation buttons have been implemented in every mod recently and makes its debut in Kuroko V Slam Dunk. That means a gamedata file has also been added, however, is the same as the gamedata file used in Med's NBA Rosters since there hasn't been any work on a Kuroko V Slam Dunk gamedata file with anime referees.

The Future

We were originally supposed to add Shohoku (Two Years Ago) with rookie Akagi, Kogure, and Mitsui on the team but we ran into some cyberface problems for Akagi. We also wanted to do an Uncrowned Kings/Crownless Generals team featuring Himuro as a bench player but was ultimately scrapped because the Uncrowned Kings were already part of the Kuroko No Basuke All-Stars. There definitely are plans to create new jerseys for the All-Star teams rather than simply the Winter Cup & Interhigh All-Star jerseys we are already familiar with.

As for the Optional Files, anime referees for the gamedata, new bootups, title screens and even a Kuroko V Slam Dunk-themed global is what we're looking at so we can finally say that Kuroko V Slam Dunk is complete. However, we currently have difficulty creating these art mods as it takes a lot of time and creativity to get done. If you are interested in helping out, let us know!

Seushiro's Mod Implemented!

(Sakuragi's Rick Barry Free Throw)

If you haven't heard of Seushiro's Animation Mod, it adds a ton of new jump shot animations to the game, as well as vastly improves the gameplay! Now, Kuroko V Slam Dunk makes use of the animations added by Seushiro, namely, the famous Rick Barry free throw Sakuragi uses. All rosters from the Medevenx series (Med's NBA Roster, FIBA 2K14, PBA 2K14 & Kuroko V Slam Dunk) will implement Seushiro's Animation Mod, making Kuroko V Slam Dunk v1.1 the second mod to implement it, after the recent release of FIBA 2K14 v5.0.

Seushiro's Animation Mod Development Thread Download Seushiro's Animation Mod v3.0

In Other News

With Seushiro's Animation Mod updated to the final version of v3.0, we re-uploaded FIBA 2K14's Appdata Files v5.0 to fix the retro Team USA arena & coach errors as well as assign some of the newer animations from Seushiro's Animation Mod v3.0.

We'll also be releasing PBA 2K14 v11.0 this weekend with the 2014 PBA Philippine Cup and Commissioner's Cup, a final 2016 PBA Commissioner's Cup and an early version of the 2016 PBA Governors' Cup. We will be implementing all of Seushiro's animations like in all of our mods, making PBA 2K14 v11.0 the third to receive the implementation. The rosters will also receive the "Import Vault" update which holds all of the PBA imports ready for selection for all conferences.

To download the new update for Kuroko V Slam Dunk, be sure to download the newest Kuroko V Slam Dunk Appdata Files and the Optional Files. For complete cyberfaces and jerseys, make sure to download the Follow Up Pack in the link below. For those who haven't downloaded v1.0, Kuroko V Slam Dunk Main Directory Files 3 in the Downloads section has been re-uploaded with the Follow Up Pack incorporated. For those who are downloading for the first time, the Full Packs have also been re-uploaded with the Follow Up Pack incorporated. Enjoy!

Download Kuroko V Slam Dunk v1.1 Follow Up Pack

Seushiro's Animation Mod v3.0 Released

Seushiro, a major contributor to Kuroko V Slam Dunk, released what would probably be the Mod of the Year for NBA 2K14. His animation mod adds a whole new level of depth to the game and is a breath of fresh air for NBA 2K14. Another version of the animation has just been released today!

(Seushiro's Animation 2nd Video Preview)

New Jump Shot Animations!

(Seushiro's Animation 1st Video Preview)

Seushiro's animations will be used for all of our mods (Med's NBA Roster, FIBA 2K14, PBA 2K14 & Kuroko V Slam Dunk) from this point onwards. It adds new jump shot animations, replacing the duplicate animations in the Player Signature Shots section (shot animations with Player Names). Luckily, all of our latest rosters from all mods don't have the duplicate animations assigned to the players, so if you're using the latest rosters, the animations won't affect the existing jump shots of your players. However, this does add new animations and players in our rosters will start using them as soon as updates are released, so this will be REQUIRED for all of our mods from this point onwards.

New Shooting Forms/Releases & Shot Bases

(Version 3 Updates)

(Version 2) For a list of changed animations, luckily Seushiro has provided us with this changelog that details all of the new animations for the mod. Here we see the list of duplicates replaced, and those slots that will still be replaced for future versions of the mod. Some animations from previous NBA 2K games are added, as well as completely new animations and animations from gamez' previous mod. These slots have new animations so be sure to try them out yourself!

More Than Just New Animations

Seushiro's mod also includes a tunedata file as well as an NBA animations file that completely modifies the gameplay like we've never seen before. Overall, I can personally confirm that the gameplay is MUCH better with the mod. Here is a complete list by Seushiro of gameplay improvements:

  • Adjusted speeds of cross-over, spins, and behind the back dribbles
  • Pick and Roll Improvement where the Center stays longer blocking the defenders on the switch but leaves the pick faster if a fade is selected
  • Fixed the speed of dribbling away from opponents
  • Speed of launches have been increased to blow by defenders
  • Speed of standing Dribbles increased to confuse opponents
  • Open up the sliders more to give way to Post and Wing plays
  • Adjusted Stamina and Fatigue rate. (Players do not recover fast even in bench so needed to up the sliders a bit)
  • Removed weak blocks from the game which just makes you go up in the air but with hands not raised
  • Replaced blocks in the paint where you are beside an opponent and time the block button right yet he can make the lay up, but you have to gather a long hopstep before you jump up to the air for a block
  • Post Engage speeds advantage
  • Post spin move gives defenders a slight delay so you can be free more after successful win
  • Post spin neutral gives ball handler slight speed advantage in case wants to force shot
  • Increased speed of in-out dribbles as suggested
  • Increased handle speed for smoother transitions
  • Updated tunedata.iff default courtesy of adiknbafan
  • Added win animations for dribbling double team scenarios

Future Begins Now

FIBA 2K14 has been the first mod to implement the animation mod by Seushiro but all of the other mods will do so as well. Kuroko V Slam Dunk and PBA 2K14 will receive updates this month of May that will have Seushiro's animation mod implemented as well. The NBA Roster Update, however, is planned to receive a final 2015-2016 roster update right before the NBA Finals and will be the last to receive full implementation of the animation mod. Since from this point onward it is required, as well as it being its own separate mod (in fact, by a different modder), think of it as the Universal Portrait Project. All of the mods require the Universal Portrait Project for the full experience, has its own updates as well. That means Seushiro's Animation Mod should probably get its own section in the website as well, of course, with his permission first.

If you downloaded FIBA 2K14 v5.0 yesterday, we used Seushiro's Animation Mod version 2 for that and even linked to it. Now, Seushiro's Animation Mod download links in the website have all been updated to v3.0 so it's recommended that you download the new version of the mod. Also be sure to follow his development thread on NLSC for more information:

Seushiro's Animation Mod Development Thread Download Seushiro's Animation Mod v3.0

FIBA 2K14 v5.0 Released

We have another FIBA 2K14 update for you! This updates 5 teams (Finland, Japan, Korea, Slovenia, and Turkey) to their 2015 rosters, finally completing the 2015 rosters for 2015 FIBA Asia and EuroBasket 2015 (except for Ukraine). We also add the 2015 Chinese Taipei team to the FIBA 2015 & FIBA 2016 roster. Retro Olympic USA Teams have also been added, from the 1996 Dream Team III, 2000 Gold Medal Team USA, 2004 Bronze Medal Team USA, 2008 Redeem Team.

Updated 2015 Rosters

We've updated the 2015 rosters for Japan and Korea, completing the updates for the 2015 FIBA Asia rosters. We've also updated the 2015 rosters for Finland, Slovenia, and Turkey. Ukraine is the only team that hasn't been updated for EuroBasket 2015, but cannot be updated due to technical difficulties (no portrait images for the players). Thus, we consider EuroBasket to be fully updated minus Ukraine. That leaves FIBA Americas 2015 as the only tournament that has yet to be updated. We've also added Chinese Taipei after collaborating with Taiwanese modder, Dreamtime. Huge thanks goes to the Taiwanese for their development of the Chinese Taipei roster as well as a little more than a half of the Chinese Taipei cyberfaces.

Retro Team USA Teams

We've added more retro Olympic USA Basketball teams, namely: the 1996 Dream Team III, 2000 Gold Medal Team USA, 2004 Bronze Medal Team USA, and the 2008 Redeem Team. This mod features year-specific cyberfaces for some of the players such as: 2000 Ray Allen, 2004 Amare Stoudemire, 2004 Dwyane Wade, 2004 & 2008 LeBron James, 2004 & 2008 Carlos Boozer, 2004 & 2008 Carmelo Anthony, 2008 Chris Bosh, 2008 Dwight Howard, 2008 Kobe Bryant, 2008 & 2012 Deron Williams, 2012 Anthony Davis. All of the 1996 to 2008 Team USA jerseys have also been added to current Team USA's jerseys as part of their retro jerseys. For 2000 Team USA, the name is -'01-'00 because NBA 2K14 unfortunately cannot recognize the year 00 as '99-'00 and is only a minor glitch that cannot be fixed.

Schedule Now at 29 Games

Previously, the original schedule for FIBA 2K14 only had 16 games in attempts to simulate the short tournament style that FIBA was known for. However, plans for FIBA tournaments in 2017 involve a round-robin tournament across the world. That means it is more logical to have a 29-game schedule instead for FIBA 2K14, so we implemented the 29-game schedule we had also implemented in Kuroko V Slam Dunk. The schedule is incorporated into the roster, so the first three options will always be 29 games with the final option still being the 16-game schedule (instead of the default 14-game schedule). However, if you want your english file to be update, you should re-download FIBA 2K14 Logos & Scoreboards (which also holds part of the PlayStation buttons implemented for FIBA 2K14).

Implementation of Seushiro's Animation Mod

If you didn't know yet, NLSC's Seushiro, one of the major contributors to Kuroko V Slam Dunk, has been developing an animation mod for NBA 2K14 that improves the gameplay vastly by mixing up the speed of some animations, adding new animations as well as removing some old nasty ones. Yesterday, he was successful in fully implementing new jump shot animations (both shooting forms and shot bases) for NBA 2K14. Much like gamez did in previous years, he added new and exciting animations for us to use. They take place in the Player Signature Shots section of the animations (those with player names instead of numbers for identification). Luckily, we've long been preparing for this mod so most of the rosters from the series (Med's NBA Roster, FIBA 2K14, PBA 2K14 & Kuroko V Slam Dunk) are already compatible.

FIBA 2K14 v5.0 is the first roster update of all the mods to implement Seushiro's animation mod. Thus, the rosters now make use of the new animations added in the mod. This however, means that downloading Seushiro's mod is now REQUIRED for FIBA 2K14. You can always follow Seushiro's development thread on NLSC for more updates on his mod. Like other great modders, Seushiro gives multiple options for his mods. For the rosters from the Medevenx series, we will be using Med's Compatible V2 of Seushiro's Animation Mod.

Seushiro's Animation Mod Development Thread Download Seushiro's Animation Mod

Think of Seushiro's Animation Mod as another mod like the Universal Portrait Project. It is a completely separate mod that has its own development and updates, but is required for all of the mods to function. More discussion will be done for Seushiro's Animation Mod in the next couple of days after a full review of the mod.

Future Updates

As we've promised, v5 will be all about the 2016 Rio updates. With the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament set to start in less than 2 months, we plan to finally finish all of the new Rio 2016 jerseys, as well as finish the updates for the 2015 FIBA Americas teams that can be updated (without technical difficulties like we experienced with Ukraine). It's a few teams left anyway and we still want to have a completely updated 2015 FIBA roster for reference. Hopefully, the 2016 FIBA rosters will have quality portraits available like in the World Cup, since it is what hindered the EuroBasket & Americas updates for FIBA 2K14. We'll try to have something out in one month, with FIBA 2K14 v5.1 coming sooner than expected.

To download all of the new updates, you're going to need to download the new FIBA 2K14 Appdata Files and FIBA 2K14 Main Directory Files 3. It is also recommended that you download the new FIBA 2K14 Logos & Scoreboards if you haven't already, since a lot of updates to the logos (Sacramento Kings & Utah Jazz) for NBA roster compatibility, PlayStation Buttons implemented for FIBA 2K14, as well as the correction for the 29-game schedule from 16-game schedule.

#MedSpeaks : Reasons Behind Unreleased Mods

Remember that mod you saw a preview for a few months ago? It's still not released? Well that should be no surprise now with the amount of unreleased content recently. However, should this really be a thing?

Med's Unreleased Mods

Looking back, there's been a number of mods that we haven't released over the past few month, maybe even years. Let's look at our own batch of unreleased files.

PBA D-League & Retro Teams

Now, you've seen this before. We've had PBA D-League rosters in the past. The original 2013-2014 PBA rosters had these before. Why aren't they back now? Well, they need updates. The problem with this is we can barely keep up with the other aspects of PBA 2K14 updates. We still haven't updated the UAAP rosters & cyberfaces and we still haven't updated anything for the NCAA.

As for the retro teams, in fact, all of the retro PBA jerseys are even complete. However, we still don't have quality rosters because of missing data for retro players and teams, as well as quality cyberfaces.

"Why don't you just convert PBA 2K13's retro teams to PBA 2K14?"

Definitely logical, there is a difference however in the work done on PBA 2K13 and PBA 2K14. If you came from PBA 2K13, you'd know the vast difference in quality that PBA 2K14 currently has over its predecessor. Although it is definitely possible, only with more data and information gathered on retro teams will we be able to finally add them to PBA 2K14. We also still need to focus on adding the original 2013-2014 PBA season (PBA 2K14 v0.1 to v2.0). We were only originally able to release the Philippine Cup & Commissioner's Cup, and still have to work on the Governors' Cup.

Kuroko V Slam Dunk Presentation Files

We've shown you a Slam Dunk title screen before but nothing else. That's because there hasn't been anything else. There are plans to make multiple title screens, icons, and even a global for Kuroko V Slam Dunk but nothing has been made yet. Hopefully, this week, we get to actually finish it and release them in a pack. Releasing them individually isn't very efficient and most of the time, files are related (PlayStation Buttons are in both english and gamedata, Title Screens are both in englishbootup and titlepage), so they definitely need to be released in pairs. Not to mention that we haven't even made a bootup for Kuroko V Slam Dunk yet. We still don't have complete team logos for it!

There's probably some more unreleased content in the past that I've shown previews of, if you remember any of them feel free to comment!

Legitimate Reasons

Yeah that's why I have some unreleased mods. But what about others? What are the reasons behind unreleased mods? Well it's normally due to three things:

Development Issues - Sometimes there's information that needs to be completed before mods can be released, such as the unveiling of real life designs that need to be implemented into the mods. There's also things such as missing data for rosters that won't allow it to be made.

Technical Issues - Broken down PCs or internet connection hiccups are the most common reasons for unreleased mods. If all of you remember, I had a motherboard crash for 9 months back in 2014 and that caused a lot of mods to be released at later dates. Internet connection is another problem, this is mostly common with Filipino modders who don't necessarily have a good internet connection to begin with. That's why some modders like to bundle their work before they release, because they have to plan out their upload period around their real life schedule.

Personal Issues - A lot of modders go through phases where they step away from the game to take on real life. Sometimes, this happens while a mod is just about to be released, inevitably putting a hold on the mod indefinitely. It is very important that we respect the decisions of the modders, they have every right to step away at any time, we'll always give our thanks and remember those that are no longer modding with us.

Not So Legitimate Reasons

There always has to be legitimate reasons for modders to not release their content. But there are others that still only post previews and never seem to release them without any of those legitimate reasons. What's up with that?

Ego - We've talked about this before in our Life of a Modder article, it mostly has to do with ego. A lot of people feel the need to be praised for their work. To the point that they would literally have conditions before releasing their work to establish that people are wanting them. They'll ask for conditions such as needing to reach a certain number of likes or shares first before they release, or stuff like that. It pretty much means that there aren't legitimate issues going on for them to not release their work, only the need for more praise.

Drama - Other times, the modder and the community get involved in Modding Drama, where there is a huge fuss over the modder's work and how the community views it. It is normally boiled down to two minor things: Criticism & Theft

Some modders are unable to take critique for their work and view constructive criticism as personal attacks on themselves and their work. If you're from a great modding community such as NLSC, it is very rarely the case that the community is the reason behind the drama. More often than not, the modder mistakes critique as complaints for the mods despite comments in good faith by the community, ending up in drama.

Theft, however, is completely the thief's fault. A lot of people have stolen, re-modded, re-released and re-labelled mods as their own in the past. This is completely unacceptable and this has most probably happened to every quality modder out there. This has happened to me before as well and it almost came to a point that I wanted to stop modding just for stealers not to be able to steal my work. Of course, there's always some foolproofing for this. You can always place your own trademarks in your work, establishing it as yours and not by others. Sometimes, people still steal this and replace the trademark, but don't let that fool you.

The technique for this is to simply improve and be a much more quality modder, create mods so great that it they are completely recognizable as your work. A lot of quality modders have work that when you see it, you can clearly see who made it. Create a name for yourself. Make it a trustworthy name that people will know who to download from, and who to go to for quality mods. This will minimize the criticism and will absolutely foolproof stealing since nobody will care about stolen work anymore, because they know who to go to, it's you.

If a true modder can let go of the ego and the drama, then he'll definitely release his works. If he can't, then you don't have to pay any attention to him since it is more about making himself happy, rather than making the community happy.

Remember that, true modders make others happy while fake modders make themselves happy. In fact, you can even say that these fake modders don't actually have any plans to release their works. They just want you to feel that you want their work, and want them to feel good about themselves.

What should the community do?

If you're simply a fan or a member of the outspoken, commenting modding community, here are some tips.

Don't criticize, give critique. There's a difference. Stop nitpicking, stop requesting for the impossible. Not everyone is patient with these kinds of comments or questions. Always be thankful first, then give comments or suggestions after, never go straight to a comment without acknowledging the hard work done by the modder, we literally spend hundreds of hours on this, some of us maybe even in the thousands now.

Don't spoil yourself. Be patient. If it's not out yet, don't ask for release dates, normally even the modders don't know when they release their work unless they say so. Never put pressure on the modders and never give out harsh comments. You don't know what's going on in their lives unless they tell you.

Don't beg for mods, create mods yourself. If it's still not getting released, then why not make that mod yourself? If you don't know how to, learn, there's always a time for everything. Contribute to the community, show everyone that sharing work is important.

Sharing is Caring

I like to think of the modding community as a community of artists that listen to each other. Fake modders that only post previews are not artists. They don't seem to understand the difference between critique and criticism, they don't know how to read constructive feedback at all. Sometimes fake modders that will leave the community because they're not getting what they want (absolute praise for their work) and that's fine. It's okay. We've had a lot of people like that come and go in the community. Don't care too much, there will always be other modders who will step up and release works that we are truly waiting for. Give it time.

Remember that the community is about sharing. There is absolutely no point in not sharing. Modders are blessed with time, artistic and technical expertise that make them good at what they do. We have to share these blessing with others. It's not about who is best, it's about expanding our options in NBA 2K video gaming. NBA 2K14 is about to end its third year and enter its fourth year. It's old by definition, if you have something to share with us that can breathe a new life into the game, please do. We all want to stay, we're all here to enjoy the game, so let's share all of our resources with each other.

#MedSpeaks Topics!

Hi everyone! A lot of you that follow me on Facebook are probably familiar with my existing series of articles or messages related to certain topics I chose to speak on, now they're on the website! You can check finally check them out here!

#MedSpeaks Series

In my personal attempt to make reading for the users more casual-sounding and interactive, we just had to bring the original Facebook posts here to the website. Of course, the interactions will still be on Facebook, and future articles will be posted completely on Facebook, with existing links on the website as well and will not split the article into a shortened version on Facebook like most websites. The series is about my personal thoughts, and opinions as an individual, usually on certain aspects of modifying such as the experience of modding itself, thoughts on other mods, and other things I ever choose to bring up. This series does not reflect, in any way, the thoughts of other related modders that I collaborate with, making the opinions solely my own.

I brought this to the website because it's difficult to find the posts on Facebook if you wanted to go back and read them. This also exists for those that haven't read some of them yet, or don't follow us on Facebook and might be interested in these posts. The posts are always genuinely written and thought out, and always have a point to them, that's why I don't often write these articles, only when necessary.

If you're a member of the NLSC community, it's a great place for all modders to come and share their work, discuss new modding knowledge and information, etc. There's been a lot of commotion lately regarding totalrebound's cancelled global project. It had all of these claims on a new thing for globals called "nano technology", etc. Long story short, he ended up not releasing the global.

I brought this up because tomorrow (while I am uploading files for the scheduled FIBA 2K14 & Kuroko V Slam Dunk updates), I'll be talking about unreleased mods. Those mods that are always only previews and are never released. I'm talking about NEVER, not those that take too long due to development issues. We discuss why this happens, if some modders intentionally do this, or if they are granted the misfortune of doing so. A lot of times the community has a LOT to do with mods being unreleased, and we'll discuss that further tomorrow.

Links to Previous Articles

Here are links to previous articles I've written before:

Utah Jazz Logo & NBA Live Cover Athlete Icons

With the success of the highly anticipated release of the PlayStation buttons yesterday, we've also updated the logos for the Utah Jazz and re-updated the logos of the Sacramento Kings for all of the mods in the series. We've also added more icons to the NBA Video Game Cover Athlete Icon pack! Now we've included all of the new NBA Live cover athletes as well as some more NBA 2K cover athletes such as NBA 2K15's Kevin Durant and NBA 2K16 Special Edition's Michael Jordan.

2016-2017 Utah Jazz Logo

Another team from the Western Conference just changed their logo for the 2016-2017 NBA season and it's the Utah Jazz.

The Jazz have just revealed the logo they will be using at the start of the 2016-2017 NBA season. The logo is actually nearly identical to the original logo the Jazz used from 1979 to 1996 with some very minor differences. The updated Sacramento Kings logo has also been fixed, now with a white stroke.

The logo has been updated for ALL of the logos packs from the series (Med's NBA Roster, FIBA 2K14, PBA 2K14 & Kuroko V Slam Dunk) while the updated Jazz scoreboard logo for the default NBA 2K scoreboard has also been added to the pack.

The 2016-2017 NBA Bootup has been updated as well, including the new Utah Jazz logo and the updated Sacramento Kings logo. The download link for this is also located in the Downloads section.

To download the new logo, all of the Logos packs from the other mods have been updated so be sure to check out the Downloads section of each mod to update it. The bootup is also located in the Downloads section. The scoreboard logo, however, is also in the Downloads section for Med's NBA Roster and is only compatible with the default NBA 2K scoreboard, or other custom scoreboards based on it.

Download Utah Jazz Logos

NBA Live Cover Athletes Icons

Our icon pack is growing further and further. This time, we've added the NBA Live cover athletes Kyrie Irving (NBA Live 14), Damian Lillard (NBA Live 15) and Russell Westbrook (NBA Live 16).

We've also actually added icons for Kevin Durant (NBA 2K15 Cover Athlete) and Michael Jordan (NBA 2K16 Special Edition Cover Athlete).

The download link for the NBA Cover Athlete Icons is in the Downloads section of the website.

Download NBA Video Game Cover Athlete Icons

What other mods would you like to see in the future? Right now, we are contemplating an NBA 2K16 conversion for the current Med's NBA 2K14 global, which will replace all NBA 2K14 textures with NBA 2K16. There may also be possibility for more icons to be made in the future.

Month of May Updates

This month, we will update Kuroko V Slam Dunk to v1.1 which will fix the crashing in the second season, as well as add some new teams that have been mentioned before.

We'll also update FIBA 2K14 which will include the retro Team USAs, Chinese Taipei and a few other updates.

New Headlines for Med's NBA Roster, PlayStation Buttons for NBA 2K14 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance!

We've finally released our new storylines/headlines for Med's NBA Roster, as well as PlayStation buttons/icons for Med's NBA Rosters, FIBA 2K14 and PBA 2K14. We've also been modifying another game lately, which is Marvel Ultimate Alliance on PC, and released our PlayStation buttons/icons mod for that game as well.

New Headlines for Med's NBA Roster

After realizing that the PlayStation icons were in both the gamedata AND the english files separately, we realized that if we were to edit the english file, we'd might as well edit the headlines as well like we did for FIBA 2K14 and PBA 2K14. So we made these headlines based on the latest news in the NBA, just like FIBA 2K14 & PBA 2K14.

However, these headlines are only compatible with the Default NBA 2K Scoreboard, or any custom scoreboards that were made to be compatible with the default scoreboard (ie. does not require an accompanying special english file). That means if the custom scoreboard you're using has its own kind of font or has an english file in the download, that most likely means this won't be compatible with that scoreboard, and you're going to have to go back to the Default NBA 2K Scoreboard if you want to use these headlines and PlayStation buttons.

With this out of the way, and another Kuroko V Slam Dunk update set to come out this month of May, we'll also include KvS' own headlines/storylines along with PlayStation buttons/icons, and add more presentation files such as title screens, globals, etc. However, the main objective for the release of Kuroko V Slam Dunk v1.1 this month is to release the fictional teams such as the Uncrowned Kings, Slam Dunk All-Stars, etc. so the amount of content related to presentation updates for Kuroko V Slam Dunk may be limited.

NBA 2K14: PlayStation Buttons

Ever made mistakes in the game due to the confusing layout of the buttons when using generic gamepads? I know I have. If you're a PlayStation user then you're in for a treat too.

There used to be PlayStation buttons/icons that were released in the past but none of them seemed accurate, it either had swapped/switched L & R buttons or didn't have the buttons on the offensive end, just the defensive end of the game. Now, we have full PlayStation buttons for all parts of the game such as both in-game, as well as the menu screens.

These buttons have been implemented in Med's NBA Roster, FIBA 2K14 and PBA 2K14 and can be seen in the english and gamedata files separately. For Med's NBA Roster downloaders, that'll be easy since the download link for both the updated headlines and PlayStation buttons belong in the same link down below. Remember that Med's NBA 2K14 Gamedata had updated NBA referee attire so that's also implemented in this file. If you didn't know that, you should check out the article on the gamedata's updated referee attire right here.

However, since the english and gamedata files are in separate links for FIBA 2K14 and PBA 2K14 (english is in the Logos & Scoreboards pack while gamedata is in the Optional Files), you're going to have to re-download both of them to implement these new additions. Don't worry! It's worth it since we've also re-uploaded the logos anyway to include a fix on the 2016-2017 Sacramento Kings' logo which had an error in its original release.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Play Station Buttons

Remember when I talked about planning to adding Marvel & DC-related mods to the series? If not, you can always read about it in this article.

For those of you that don't know this game, this is Activision's Marvel Ultimate Alliance for the PC (also on the PS2 & XBox, then re-released in HD on the PS3, XBox 360 & Wii) which was released back in 2006, as part of the series started by Activision's X-Men Legends. The sequel to this, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, was not released for the PC which was a shame. However, Marvel Ultimate Alliance has a modding community, just like the NBA 2K modding community, in Marvel Mods. That's why the screenshots I took are drastically different from what you may remember from the game originally (without mods).

So what am I doing, modding Marvel Ultimate Alliance? I was originally looking for ways to incorporate Marvel Ultimate Alliance models into NBA 2K cyberfaces which I completely believe is possible, albeit, there is a bit of a learning curve on how to modify MUA despite our current knowledge on how to modify NBA 2K. With that, I realized that there were no PlayStation buttons/icons released for Marvel Ultimate Alliance, so I decided to modify the game, release my update on Marvel Mods in my first thread in the community.

So for those of you who are wondering about this, it's an awesome game that is modifiable to the point where you can change the characters in the hero select roster, up to a point where you can even use downloaded non-Marvel characters. DC characters such as Batman & Superman have been created by modders for the game, much like the crazy stuff we do here in the NBA 2K modding community. Although the game they're modifying is definitely more dated (MUA was in 2006) than what we're modifying (NBA 2K14 was in 2013), it still holds a ton of replay value like NBA 2K does, with mods.

So be sure to check it out if this is your kind of thing! Want to recommend or suggest other games to modify? Just hit us up!

What about XBox buttons?

What about users who want to use XBox buttons/icons? Traditionally, for most PC games such as NBA 2K14, the game detects the XBox controller if you have a legitimate XBox gamepad and automatically uses the textures for XBox buttons. However, if you're using a generic USB gamepad but want to use XBox buttons since you're more accustomed to them, feel free to send a request since I personally haven't received any requests for XBox buttons (only PlayStation buttons have been requested before), and I'm sure it'll be an easy addition.

Now, again, to download the updated gamedata & english files for Med's NBA Roster which contains the updated headlines and PlayStation buttons, the link is down below. For FIBA 2K14 & PBA 2K14's PlayStation buttons however, you're going to have to re-download BOTH the Logos & Scoreboards (english file) and Optional Files (gamedata file) in their respective Downloads sections to implement the buttons. Have fun!

Download PlayStation Buttons, Headlines & Gamedata for Med's NBA Roster

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